New Novel… Reincarnated as a girl

Hey guys,

I have started translating this new novel…

I reincarnated as a girl in another world, but it was okay because I was together with girl

The title says it all XD

Read the Chapter 1

See ya,


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  • library rocker

    Good start, thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

    • saigo

      Thanks for reading.. taking your time to comment

  • Oh….Another GB story, Thank you for translate it

    • saigo

      Yeah, GB stories are somehow lacking…

      • Yes, not everyone likes this genre

        • ElalE

          Its their loss, this is a really good genre contrary to what many people may think.

  • Lux

    are you the one who’s translating “What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World”?
    thnx for the chapter and a new GB novel

  • Lux

    thnx for the chapter.. new Genderbender Novel and its full transformation unlike those traps