Update Regarding Werewolf

No new chapters guys.
News is I contacted the author, and he said

Which means,

I am very sorry, there is another example of unauthorized commercial use of translations of another person’s work, so I can’t give any license for translation.

So, I am removing the chapters.

[UPDATE:] I am trying to convince the author. He said he will contact the editorial department of Earthstar Novels, who are publishing his work. I will tell you once something new comes up.

[UPDATE2:] The editorial department replied that they don’t grant translation rights to amateur translators. So I am in a fix there. Let’s see, I will update further if news comes. 

Thank you guys for all your encouraging comments.

see ya,


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  • Jacob Martinez

    So no more Werewolf Reincarnation …. T_T

  • oolb

    The author does not realize that without translations his book would never be seen in english speaking countries. So, no one would buy it. At least with the translations, his book will be bought buy those in english speaking countries who wish to support him. Furthermore, it shows that there is interest in his work outside of his country and increase his chance of being picked up by a publisher in 9ther countries.

    • CatPause

      Even so it’s still up to the editorial department and not him. But then if the translator is translating the WN which is technically free I don’t see the what the problem is? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Sunset

    Seriously, what is the link to the raw. Let the author here our voices

  • An

    You’re not using your translations to get money so no commercial use here. Neither is the WN of this copyrighted (which I assume you’re translating, instead of the LN)
    I think the author might’ve misunderstood something here…

    • saigo

      That’s what I told him, he hasn’t replied yet.

      • oolb

        I agree with Sunset. If the author doesn’t reply in a two or three days, post a link to his email address with a message we can copy and past into our email to him (like a petition we all sign). The message should be in japanese and explain that we are emailing him to show our support for his work, your translation of his work, and that we don’t use it commercially. Furthermore, that we are all sending a template message because we don’t know japanese.

      • Belfegor

        Hello, what happened to the translation, what is the status of it now? What is the decision of the author regarding your translation? What about the non-commercial translation of the web novel?

      • ZacMan1500

        I sent an email to Earth Star to see if they even had an English copy of the story. I think if we can get people emailing them from the states it should show them that they are missing out on a larger market.

    • Sao

      There are ads on this site which tehnically makes it commercial.

  • steve bob

    Assuming his reply was not favorable

  • GregLuck

    So this novel is dead?

    • Ray Hero

      i think so ………..wish i dont find this novel T_T

      • otonashi yuzuru

        same, here, on top of reading it in one go, only to be stoped at an interesting moment, i now learn that this may be dead….because the translator contacted the autor?……

    • Depends on what Earthstar Novels’ editors decide to do…

  • Colin Henault

    I do hope the editors agree u_u Good luck if you continue to try !

  • Russian Otaku

    if this is actually being translated… likely the quality will be worse then saigo and I’ll have children and grey hair all while needing a cane by the time the supposed translations (if ever) catch up

  • LegoBaka

    I really liked this story, or what has been done so far. Any further luck with it, or is it a lost cause?

  • otonashi yuzuru

    it’s always when i get hooked on something new…. i wish i could read japaness…. why was i born french and not japanese? =..=

  • nansty

    I have just discovered this novel and I love, a big thank you to you for having me discover this novel with your translation !!! I am too sad not to know the rest of the story. There’s no chance of seeing the sequel or not?

  • forgetfulelk

    i don’t get why we can’t read the WN…. the site posts WN for the public free of charge to be read, why do we need his permission to translate it? fact,

  • Jared-Charles Farmer

    Guys! If any one is reading this in the future like myself, you can use googlr translate for the next chapters! It may not be as good as saigo’s amazing translation but it works! It also helps to have read from this cite first and its way~ easier to understand after continuing. Here is the link to the orignal authors page http://ncode.syosetu.com/n1576cu/1/ that is chapter one so youll need to use the in page translation until yoy copy paste it to the google translate cite. Otherwise it translates word for word and is bad. Good luck!

  • Russian Otaku

    Should email again. That or I don’t get why you don’t just say fuck it
    and keep translating as you literally break nothing legally. It’s WN,
    and you don’t get money for translating… those are pretty much the
    only important points of note. If you’re doing the LN then fucks should be given for what editor/company nonsense says. If you go with WN no one can say shit unless you’re claiming it as your own or selling it.

  • ZacMan1500

    Have you pointed out to the editorial department that without your translations there would be no english audience? Because I hate to say it but the maga genuinely sucks..

  • ryuu

    Uhm… Seems to me like He misunderstood you for a commercial license to translate this novel. While you only need permission for translation till an official and licensed translation appears. Maybe another try? Since you are not trying to earn money with your translation i can’t see how this is an example of unauthorized commercial use of translation of another persons work

  • forgetfulelk

    Seriously, Why the fuck do we need translation rights when we’re reading off from the web novel version???? That stuff is free for the public!