Reincarnation in another world… … … ?
Chapter 1

( …… why did it became like this …… ?)

I, Subaru Yuuki, am a peaceful high school boy!
The slightly different thing would be suddenly there was a beautiful woman in front of me and she suddenly hugged me ?
Kyaah… what’s this.


The beautiful woman was speaking… or what?
I don’t understand the language. Which countries’ … well I am just an unbaked high schooler !?
Why an elegant person like her would hug me!
Anyway, I would look at the woman’s face.
She has long and straight blonde hair.
Face is more pretty rather than cute. Eyes are a little angled. But it’s not a flaw, rather that is also good.
Still she at least doesn’t look like a muscle lady who could lift an unbaked high schooler.

I can’t change my… point … of view.
My head doesn’t move very well, somehow I feel dizzy.

“—–? —–?——-!”

Eh? I feel like I heard another voice other than the woman’s.
One way or the other, let me check the current situation oooooo!?
I got frightened, like it’s a roller coaster. Just a little.
The woman’s face went far away, or rather she lowered her hands?
After that the woman’s entire body was visible.
It’s entirely monochrome, or perhaps is it the maid dress from the stories? At least it is not something I have seen in the present-day japan.
I went to Akihabara a lot, but to me, who was originally an introvert, the maid cafe was impossible.

Even then… it is lacking compared to a maid dress.
Here and there dirt and fray could be seen.
It’s not like it was not washed, so it makes one curious.

“ … —”

After the woman kept her face far away, I was moved vertically.
That’s how the other woman came into my field of vision.
Shadow under the eyes showing unhappiness, excessively thin cheeks.
She may be a beauty, but she cannot be said to be healthy.

Then I suddenly realized.
I, as an otaku, have read countless novels like this.
To begin with, for the trigger, I don’t have memory of being dead or touching a prohibited book in the library.
Or rather… what was I doing?
Eh? Previous Life? My memories are hazy.
I can precisely remember the knowledge and information, but action… the way I lived, ‘that something’, I can’t seem to remember.
Oi! The another world reincarnation had failed! The god or something around there!

“—– … “

The sad faced woman carefully recieved me from the maid like treating a fragile item and hugged.
Perhaps, this person is my mother… mother. (TN: first mother is written in katakana)
Looking at the roof of the room, it’s made of wood… there are no ornamental gilded splendour at all. Instead there are candles on the pillars, it can be understood looking at the gestures of the women.
I seem to have been born in a poor household.
In another world reincarnation, generally people become princes, right?
Then laying me horizontally, she brings a plate like thing from the cupboard.


The sad faced woman suddenly held the plate over my head.
That plate is a stone plate without any specialty.


The sad faced woman begins saying something to the plate like singing.
What? Hearing voices? Mother is the type to receive signals? This kind of thing is also there in other world reincarnation?
…… no, wait, certainly not…
Then geometric patterns are drawn on the plate.
As expected it’s magic! This world has it! Nice god!
When the geometric pattern formation was finished the surface shined.

This is a mirror. It’s dazzling reflection.
The mirror stopped being bright.
I can see my face.
I am quite hateful of appearances… no, I was!
After this I am born as a handsome boy in another world and get hold of a cute girl! Life = the moments of history without a girlfriend!
I will do it!
I look in the mirror. My heart beats faster.

I was beautiful. Yessssssss!
Since I am a child, it’s just a triumphant pose with tight fists.
Nose and mouth, even eyes are considerably in order. It was a win.
Neuter gender… well, I am a child, but I got such impressions.
Then the mirror was further inclined, and my whole body was reflected.


The women were somehow happy, but it doesn’t reach me.
My important… the one I spent my life together was not there.

I became a girl.