Action, and then Failure
Chapter 2

One week had passed since I was reincarnated.
I started understanding the language a little, and was idly spending the days lying on the bed.
The language itself had similar grammatical syntax as in english, so it was easy to understand.
My name is Saradina.
My Mother, mother’s name is Saria.
The name of the maid seems to be Meari.
Anyway, Saria calls Meari and Meari calls Saria-sama, this much I understood in about three days.
The dress I am wearing now is not a dress, rather just a cloth. It maybe due to its easy handling.

The house I am currently in seems to be in a town named Bass. I heard this when a merchant like man came and was selling things while talking about various things.
He was a very kind young man, for a moment, I thought my father came back, but I was wrong.

Since I was born, I haven’t seen my father.
This different world has magic, so it’s no wonder to have demons, do the people die?
The outside scenery is vaguely visible from the window, it doesn’t seem like a photograph.
Since I am likely on the second floor, I can’t look down. Let me sit soon.

I really hope to see cat-ears or bunny like beastmen in this different world. Really I am.

“Saradina-sama. A very good morning.”

The voice was low, so when I looked back, the maid, Meari was laughing.
Somehow she feels like a capable secretary.
Since she is considerably beautiful, I, who is a man inside, is a little happy and embarrassed.
Besides, she is the maid as well as the wet nurse. It seems Saria’s breast milk doesn’t come out.
Generally Saria cradles me while sitting, or sleeps.
She might be ill.

“Saradina-sama. It’s the meals time.”

Meari exposes her breasts. Of course, the window is closed.
Honestly, it’s a reward for a man’s brain, but not so much in a girl’s body. Damn it. This is so.
After I learnt I was a girl, for five days I was burning in anguish, no, burning inside my head, all the same I have no choice but to accept it.
Oh, my son. Be immortal.
(TN: son here refers to p*nis)

Then Meari nurses carrying me.
In the beginning, I had problems with sucking, but once I got the knack, it’s sucking all the way.

“Soon after you were born, when you didn’t cry, Saradina-sama, I thought what should I do, but I am very happy that you are healthy. Saradina-sama”

Certainly I didn’t cry … but I didn’t understand the situation.
By the way, I also don’t cry at night.
But the excretion was intense.
Eat, sleep, leak, and I am living.
As a baby, there is no way.

“Yes, Saradina-sama. Very good job.”

Meari removes her breasts from me.
My boy’s part (brain) is not satisfied yet.
Reflexively my hand extends. Can’t go against the desires.

“Ara, was it not enough already.
At this rate, my breasts would perhaps wither. Ha ha.”

Meari is comparatively large breasted.
I didn’t realise due to the standard maid dress, but she was wearing a loose dress.

“Ah, Saradina, you woke up.”
“Saria-sama, very good morning.”
“Hmm, morning. Nice morning.”

Saria woke up.
I heard from Meari that walking up the stairs is hard for Saria, she doesn’t come up too often, but it seems, today she came after waking up.

“Ah, Saradina, you are cute today also.
My Saradina. So lively!”
“Yes. Now the milk doesn’t seem enough to almost extend hands after sucking.”
“Arara. Full of energy.”

Saria gives an impression like more of a grandmother rather than a mother.
The deadly gentle smile awakens the impulse to protect it. Although there are no enemies. To this point.

Changing the topic, although I have space to move around on the bed with the railings but it’s only on the upper half.
As there are no railings on the bottom half of the bed if I want to get down I could.
However I may think I cannot get up once I get down so I am waiting until my height increases a little then I could easily get down and get up.
That is reading.
Across the bed I am sleeping there is a 5 foot wide bookshelf.
Because I don’t know the titles of the book itself but I am very much curious about the unknown.
Perhaps, there might be a book about magic.

Upon completion of the additional nursing from Meari, Saria and the others came back.
From here it is my time.
I push down the clothes.

Baby exercise Number Oneeee!
Exercise to move around hands and legs!
One, two, three, four !
I will do this continuously. Earnestly.
As a baby, there is no chance for abs, it’s only this much for now.
Meari and others think that I am sleeping, so they won’t come up until I cry.
Until I am tired, move around legs, move around hands…..
That’s how I spent my days.

After another two weeks.
I resolved myself, and decided to get down from the bed. In the worst case, I will fall to my death. But there are times when a man can’t back down. Even though I am a girl.


Although it’s a pretty lifeless voice, but I have put in fighting spirit.


Since I am afraid, I will come down foot first. I am afraid.
I stood on the floor with a tap. Mission Complete.
But can’t return. At the time of return, once I cry, I can.
Although I feel bad for Meari, there is no other way.
Then, I reach the bookshelf while crawling, which I was able to do one week ago.
It’s common sense that a normal baby can’t crawl before six months, but I am still tasting the absurdity of reincarnating in another world.
It’s no problem.
The bookshelf is not that high, but I can’t reach it from the floor. Rather, isn’t it impossible?
After thinking for five seconds, I decided.
Now, I will exceed the limits.
Stand (I will stand).
There’s no other way.
Although toddling (walking) is impossible, just to get a book from bookshelf, somehow can be done with just a stand.


This way, I put in my fighting spirit to make my hair golden colored and fluttering.
By the way, I still don’t know my hair color.
I haven’t seen it yet. When I looked in the mirror, there was almost nothing.
Since I have sensations while I am sleeping in the bed, I know that I have hairs. That’s relieving.


With the gathered fighting spirit, gripping the bookshelf I stand.
Saradina. The first stand.
Compared to how I thought, I stood quickly. This is the result of muscle training.

Separating one hand from the grip, with everything I have, I drop the books on the floor.
Since the height is not enough for the sound to reach below, perhaps Meari won’t come.
I acquired the books of my heart’s desire.
Because there is no one who would go as far as to kill me to snatch my book, I choose the book with composure.
Hopefully there won’t be a book which bites like the one from *rry *tter…….
For the time being, I drag out a thin book.
It’s not a ero-doujin.
Is it a picture book? A swordsman is facing a monster like a dragon. That’s the front cover.

A picture book is a tool to memorize letters by reading out aloud, and conveying the story. This is most ideal to the current me.
When I turn over the page, the king is pointing his sword at two people holding the sword. Although the book cover had only a single person.
In the next page, I can understand that those two are defeating the monsters. Isn’t it so sudden.
One like a frog. Another like a wolf. He seems to cut those with ease. Perhaps in the coming pages there would be a picture of the king ordering them to fight with the dragon.
Then these two are heroes. That kind of story.
It’s a cliche.
Thinking about such things, when I looked at the next page, there were sounds of someone climbing.
It’s bad! Meari came up!
What should I do, about the books.
While thinking, the door opened. Nothing more can be done.

“Saradina, are you sleeping…”

The one that came is Saria.

“Meari! Meari! Please come!”

Since Saria can’t shout loudly, her voice is trembling a bit.

“What happened, Saria-sama?”

Meari came up.

“Meari! Saradina is sitting!”

Ah, I am in trouble! I haven’t shown that I can sit yet! Made a mistake!

“Hee? She shouldn’t be able to hold up her head….!?”

Looking at me, Meari raises her voice in shock.


I deceived them like a baby.