Cursed Child and then Changing Residence
Chapter 3

Crap. Outrageously bad.
After all, a baby who can sit within three weeks of birth is bad, right.
Still both the women are in a daze.
That’s why I deceived them.


Saradina’s baby smile!

“Saradina-sama… you…”

The effect seems to be lacking.
What should I do.
Like medieval times, there might be things like ‘Devil’s Child!’ or “It’s a Curse!”. If they say that Saria fell ill because of that curse, then it would be no laughing matter.
Seriously please don’t kill and dispose me…

“Saria, why in the world is Saradina sitting on the floor? Saria didn’t leave her on the floor, right?”
“Of course, I don’t know. It’s very difficult to think that she got down herself, or is there someone who came in?”
“Isn’t this the second floor? Besides, in our house there is only a Flame Magic Circuit Board, which is of value to be considered for theft”
(TN: I think the in the first dialogue it should be Meari instead of Saria, and the author made a mistake?)

Magic Circuit Board!? What is that!
I am intrigued!!

“Nevertheless, Saradina-sama looks like she is continuing to sit with her own will, but … did you check the place near the neck where we hold the baby?”
“No. I haven’t checked yet… or rather, isn’t it just three weeks from her birth? She should not be able to sit, right.”

I am sitting. Madam.

“Anyway, let’s put her back to the bed. Looking at the fallen books, it seems she had more or less moved around, so it might be dangerous leave her alone”
“That’s right. Meari, Please”

Nooooo! I still want to read books!
Without any such resistance, I was laid on the bed. My time…
Then, my dress like cloth was removed, and bottom of the neck and back were checked. It’s ticklish.

“…it is surprising. There are so many muscles in just three weeks…”

Meari makes a completely surprised face.
When Meari, who looks like she’s in her twenties, makes such a face, it becomes cutesy, different from her usual pretty face. Oh it is so lovely.
Meari, rather than changing her surprised expression, extends her finger like saying hold my finger with your hand. I won’t do it.
Although I myself am not sure of the reason behind hesitation, but reluctantly I held her finger.

“Ah, Saradina-sama is so strong. Just like the female knight from the stories.”

Forgive me for saying ‘Ki,Kill!’, but being called like that makes me relatively happy.

“Saria-sama. Saradina-sama has a well built body. It doesn’t seem like three weeks at all.”
“Amazing, Saradina! I wonder, Are you a genius?”

Being called a genius because of muscles, I don’t know how to react. I am not muscle-brained!

“No, Saria-sama. Please forgive me for saying this, but however I think, it’s strange to be like this in three weeks. It is necessary to think about the possibility of being a Cursed Child”

Saria’s expressions became stiff.
As expected there are Cursed Child in this medieval age! Isn’t it fine to leave it as being a genius!

“I am greatly sorry, but… she should be sent to Brooks”

Clearly Saria’s face stoops.
Rather what is Brooks! Place of execution!?
My coffin!?
Another world is over!? Noooooo!

“It’s fine, Saria-sama. Saradina-sama.
Brooks is just a facility where the Cursed children are gathered. We will meet again, once you become five years old.”

I am saaaaaved!
So to speak, it seems like a special nursery for Cursed children.
Perhaps, Cursed child is a generic term for people having special characteristics at birth. It should not be for deformed children.

“…but still I wonder, can’t we keep her here… you might have heard about the Cursed Child with strong muscles who broke a copper toy?”

Eh, what’s that, scary.

“There is no problem. I have heard that the manager at Brooks has the curse of insomnia. They should be monitoring.”

Not sleeping is amazing… As we sleep for eight hours a day, and one day is twenty four hours, then that person would have awareness for one third more compared to us.
Simply, life becomes 1.3 times. Although it’s just the time of bodily sensation.
(TN: I think it should be 1.5 times, because, the insomniac has 24 hours, while normal person has 16 hours, so 24/16=1.5)

“… that’s right. Let’s send her to Brooks. In that way, Saradina would also get to have friends.”
“Saria-sama. Thank you for your decisive judgement.”
“Although I am a little anxious, it should be fine, right.”

A baby breaking copper, is not a little something, I am also uneasy, but the manager would do something. Perhaps.
Like that, it was decided to send me to Brooks.

“It would take about ten days for the reply to come after the letter is sent. Until then let’s put Saradina-sama beside Saria-sama.”
“That’s right. I only can be by her her side for a little time.”

Oh, Saria-san, this is too ironic to laugh.
Isn’t Meari troubled.
Really, it can’t be helped.

“Aadaa? Baaa?”
“Saradina… oh, you…”

I smile at Saria.

“…Thanks, Saradina”

The baby smile this time was overwhelmingly effective.

Then, before the ten days are over, on the eighth day the reply was received.

“Saria-sama. Saradina-sama will be given to custody of the receiving person in another five days. Let’s love her plenty.”
“I know Meari. Although, it’s very painful to separate from Saradina, it’s not the final farewell. Of course, we will meet again. Bless this child with the divine protection of the Hero-sama…”

Concealing the left hand with right hand, Saria is praying.
Hmm, divine protection of the hero. Well, would they be those people in the picture book from before?
Or perhaps, this house has made the hero as the religion?
Probably it’s something like that.
At least Saria is praying in such manner.
With this and that, it has been decided to wait for five days.
I was brought to first floor to lay beside Saria, after I was put across Saria’s bed, I can’t do muscle training. But instead.

“Then the bad dragon was destroyed by the Heroes. Learning that, the king became very happy.”

The picture book I left reading midway, was being read aloud to me.
As expected, the story was about rewarding good and punishing evil on the Hero and Dragon.
Because the princess was kidnapped by the demon king, the Dragon, the king ordered the Hero to defeat the Dragon, and so the two heroes went towards the mountain where the demon king lived while defeating monsters on the way.
At that time, one of the heroes being manipulated by the cowardly trap of the Demon king, attacked the hero.
The Hero, who was attacked, bitterly defeated the manipulated hero, and the demon king, then saved the princess, finally Happy End, is the story.

One of the hero was really pitiful…
He isn’t even in the front cover, so pitiful.
Well, it’s a picture book, can’t be helped.

Thanks to that, even though it’s a little I was able to learn some characters.
The title of picture book was
‘The Hero and the evil Dragon’
without any change.
Owing to that, I memorized the letters of the title, the pronunciation of characters and the number of characters match, and even if the grammar is similar to english, similar things were not reflected in the letters, such as it’s Easy Mode.
It’s good that it’s easy.

Like that five days were over, and by the time I memorized half of the letters from the picture book, the receiver arrived.

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