Moving out…?
Chapter 4

“Yes! Thanks, really thanks, May I know that if it is your house who sent letter to Brooks!?”

…so much tension.
The one arrived amid such tension was a girl.
She was wearing her cap deeply, and her blackish hairs are hiding the area around her eyes. Although I think she can’t see ahead, but it seems like she can see, and looking at us she is swinging her hands like flapping wings.
She left Saria, who is holding me, and Meari dumbfounded at the entrance.

“Err, A Cursed Child in such small frontier town! Is she really a Cursed Child! Rare, eh, it is really rare! But you don’t have to be worried even a little bit! To us Brooks-!?”
(TN: There are a lot of incomplete sentences in the chapter where the little girl is interrupted while speaking just like the one here.)

Suddenly the girl in front of me was made silent by a hand extending from the back. It’s a chop. I saw it live for the first time.

“You are too loud, Mace. It’s discourteous to the customers.”
“It hurts! It really hurts! It really was painful, Knock! Apologize! Immediately apologize!”
“You apologize to the customers first”

Saying like that, the man, who grabbed the girl’s head and forcefully made her bow her head, is hard faced with an eye-patch, muscular and his back is straight like a rod.
His back is carrying something he is accustomed to. I think it is not a sword.
It is difficult to tell since it is sheathed, but that shape seems like the scabbard of a sword.

“…..err…. Gentleman for pick-up from Brooks…..”
“That’s right! We are the pick-up from Brooks! I am Mace! This here is Knock, hebu!?”
“What’s with ‘This’”

… is this a couple’s quarrel?
Mace and Knock are quarrelling but their relationship seems good.
Since Knock looks like forty-something and Mace looks like she is in her pre-teens, rather than a couple, they most likely are a father-daughter pair.

“Err…is a Cursed Child really bad… for the family?”

Saria asked.
She still seems to have some anxieties left because of my moving.
I felt her strength as a mother, in the spirit she showed cutting into that quarrel.

“Madam, don’t you know much about Cursed Child? The Cursed Child name itself made a bad image, but it’s not that detestable a thing.”

The one answered that was Knock.
Mace fell down after being chopped at the end of the quarrel.
Saria and Meari heaved a breath of relief, but I, who was embraced, also understood.
Of course, not about how Mace fell down, the peaceful sigh regarding me.

“Cursed Child are a lot such that they have special abilities from birth or such potential, or in some cases the way of birth is special. They can never said to be hateful beings.”
“Potential? What is that?”
“Potential is a thing which means the child knows about the past or the future. Special abilities or something other than that are not there but because they know about the past or the future, they can decide what to do or what they should do, conversely there are also people who know what to avoid. Although they are born with memories, but there is not a case of obtaining more memories after the birth. That’s why it is different from a special ability.”
“Way of birth is special, means?”
“Within the rare Cursed Children, there are also rarer Cursed Children, they are the ones. In other words, one dwelled with lightning inside the womb, or some say, in a cave in the northern provinces a child was born from a frozen corpse. It’s unbelievable, but I have seen them myself. That guy, who is just like a bat, was pulled out of his mother’s womb. The mother who is alive after all that is also a mother, but the Cursed Child seemed to be sucking blood rather than the milk.”
“That..such a thing..”
“We are looking after that Cursed Child at our place. “As if the return of the extinct Vampires”, the neighbors seem to be thinking of his disposal , but the father stopped them.
Then he almost cried asking us to take care of him.
Since it’s approximately a month since her birth, so it’s the same as that Cursed Child.
Likewise, I want the details of any action taken by the Cursed Child and similar information.”

Summarising the story
The Cursed Children are different from the societal image.
The Cursed Children have special birth
The Cursed Children are of different types
Is all.
From the image of Saria and others, I thought I was being sent to a jail like place, but probably it’s not like that.
I hope it’s not.

“Saradina.. Our child in three weeks from birth can hold her head up. Maybe she fell down from bed, but she was fine without a single wound.”
“In that case, it is typical muscle strengthening, in other words, she has magic defense, or something like that.”

It’s result of my training! What are you saying!
Rather magic defense? What’s that?

“Is there such a Cursed Child?”
“Ah, there is. Just after the birth, when the parent extended a finger, there is a child who broke it, and there is a story that, with the always active magical defense the Cursed Child walked on water, is also true.”

Wait! It’s not the copper toy! Broke the finger, hey, didn’t Meari also extend her fingers!
Meari’s face is turning pale!

“Err, when I extended my fingers, the power of her grip was stronger, but breaking a finger, not that much strong…”
“In that case, it’s magical defense. This child, as long as she has magic, she will continue to deploy magic defense around herself. With that, neck would be strengthened, and also when she fell down from bed, she was fine.”
“But… this child’s muscles are very strong. She doesn’t even feel like just a month has passed after her birth.”
“Mm? Then, is it muscle strengthening? That is also not that significant increase in strength. If that’s the case, I can agree that in three weeks she sat with her neck straight. I have heard that the Cursed Children with muscle strengthening had sat in just three days. This Cursed Child perhaps has power to partially strengthen the muscles.”

It’s inconvenient if you can’t have an opinion. I can’t deny.
Because Saria and Meari are answering all the questions, they are only talking about the times they have seen me.
I was able to hold my neck straight about three days ago, around ten days after I was born.
It’s not as fast as three days, but relatively fast.
But because of the angle problem was that I could not see outside from the window.

“In any case we will take her to Brooks! I am Mace! Mace is me, I promise to definitely raise her to be a wonderful good child!”

She had fallen with a chop from Knock, but she seems to have recovered.
This girl is unexpectedly tenacious.

“That’s right. Let’s start moving already.
Then I will send someone so that you can pay five copper coins every month. So please pay at those times.”

Saria looks at me reluctantly.
Even if you make such a face, I can’t make you a fellow companion. Forgive me.
Now, the copper coins are the currency of this world though I don’t know if it is expensive.
There are varieties like silver coin, big copper coin, copper coin and scrap copper coin.
Although I don’t see much, but there are gold coins.

“Thank you very much for utilising Brooks.”

You, who fell down, don’t assume the command.

For travelling, they seem to use a cart, on the surface there is a box symbol, and the cart’s roof was elliptical.
When I boarded the cart, the insides were reinforced with hides rather than trees.
It looks like, nails weren’t used.
How did they attach it?
Surely something magical? My heart begins to dance.

“Then, let’s move. Again we will come back here five years later to return this kid.”
“How many times have I said not to assume such attitude towards the customers?”

Dangerous! The one who is holding a baby to receive a head chop!
When the cart started moving, the door was closed.
Until the door was closed, Saria and the others were continuously waving their hands.
It’s not other people’s problem, I am now in a Do*do situation.
(TN: Author is trying to refer something here(ド○ド Do*do), I don’t know which anime or manga or something else (s)he is referring to.)
I have to adapt to the new environment.
The place I am going to is the place where the Vampire, the insomniac man and the muscle child reside.
With my social anxiety disorder, can I get along with those people?
I became anxious thinking those things.

“…. Ah, this child peed! Peed! However only a little bit!”

Don’t make publicity about other people peeing!
I am a girl! A girl!
I, who dirtied various things due to Mace’s hypertension, decided to pass time by sleeping.
When I was sensing the time slowly pass while I was trying to sleep,


Growling of something like a beast resounded, and the cart stopped.

“Tsk, a Hound Dog. Let’s do it.”

Saying this, Mace and Knock opened the door, and tried to get out. And then.


The moment the door opened, a large dirty German Shepherd-like animal plunged at us!
Also, like it’s aiming for me, after it looked around the cart, it’s groaning while looking at me.
When I looked outside the door, the cart I am riding seems to have moved from inside town to the grasslands. Oh, that much time has passed.

“It even came inside”
“Take this!”

With a cute yell, Mace pokes the short sword she took out.


The dog called as Hound Dog, moved to the side to evade, but unable to evade, it got pricked around its butt and cried like a puppy.
But the Hound Dog also didn’t draw back.


Without faltering, the Hound Dog, jumping ahead, is trying to bite Mace.
Ceasing to aim at me, first it wants to eliminate the hindrance.

“Like I let you do it”

Knock, with his right hand, flings the Hound Dog on the wall.


The Hound Dog could not even cry maybe because of the air in its lungs entirely came out.

“Finishing Blow!”

Mace stabs the left side of the chest that would have the heart of the Hound Dog. The Hound stops moving.
Let me tell you that I am a former japanese, and in front of my eyes, blood is gushing out of a Hound Dog.
I can’t remain unafraid with my brain which was accustomed to the peaceful Japan.

“We defeated the ‘Scout’. Would the ‘Main Body’ be around there?”
“No, perhaps it ran after the ‘Scout’ was killed. Let’s hasten the cart quickly.”

Saying like that, they are dissecting the Hound Dog’s corpse… isn’t it a bad joke?
For now, they are dissecting.
Then a stone came out from the place around the heart.
Calculus, it is…a cute puppy. But it was in the heart, it would have been painful.
(TN: Calculus: a stone formed inside the body, like kidney stones, not the maths one, 😛 )

“Eh, scrap demon stone. I don’t need this.”
“I also don’t need it”

Ah, that is not a calculus, it seems like a normal phenomenon. The conversation is like a daily occurrence.

“Since it’s a special occasion, let’s give it to this child! Yes, I will give it to you.”

Saying that, it was handed over to me by Mace, so I tried gripping it.
Because it was inside the Hound Dog until now, it’s warm.

“Then, let’s go.”

Then, we headed towards Brooks.

Author Note: Heroine comes in the next chapter.
TN: I thought it will take a lot of time, but it came early… childhood yuri chronicles.. YEAH.