Capturing the Trading City Ryun Height (Part I)
Chapter 1

I don’t remember much from my previous life. Not that I feel the need to remember it.
Currently, my name is Vaito. No one should worry much about how to pronounce it, since I’m now, a Demon.

“Vaito-sama, the infiltration is complete.”
“Alright, the advance team has given the signal. White assault team, wait for my instruction.”
“Yes su~.”

I’m now a Werewolf, a demon that is able to transform from a human into a wolf. Before the transformation, my looks resembles as my previous life. However, when I transform, I become a Black Werewolf that is feared by humans. I’m confident that I look cool. I wondered, in many races to which I could have reincarnated, why did I hit the jackpot to be reincarnated into this race?

I am currently the Aide of the Demon King. More precisely, the Vice Division Commander of the Third Division of Demon army. That is my current title. It may not be much but I lead several people under me. I have fifty six Werewolves to command and two hundred Inujin engineers loaned from another division.
The mission given to me was to attack a frontier trading city. It is surrounded by walls and has the population of around three thousand people. The city is called ‘Ryun Height’.

From the back of the forest, I looked at the city at the bottom of the hill . The Inujin messengers waiting beside me are now giving me a live report.
“The enemy stationed here is around two hundred people, and are currently patrolling around the city for security maintenance.”
“Is that info reliable?”
The child soldier, who resembled a Beagle, tilted his neck as he looked troubled.
(Editor’s Note: Beagle = A small sturdy hound of a breed with a coat of medium length, bred especially for hunting.)
“This info was reported from the Werewolf troops infiltrating the city. I can’t confirm it with my own eyes….”
“That is also true.”
However, I need to be sure, since the mission given to me is not “the annihilation”, but “the military occupation”.
While walking, I issued an order,
“All Inujin troops, begin to march, we’re starting the mission as planned.”

After the messengers relayed the orders to each unit, we started walking towards the city.
On top of the wall that surrounds the city, there are guards monitoring all the time. They won’t be able to notice that I’m a demon from my appearance alone since I don’t look any different from a normal human boy. I simply look like a young man with dull black hair.
The guard wearing a simple armor with a breastplate and helmet while holding a short spear in one hand stopped me.
“You there, I haven’t seen your face before.”

From the luggage bag that I was carrying, I took out a small, bird shaped whistle.
“Ah sorry about that, I’m a broker and came here to deliver some whistle toys to the shop, the Petun shop.”
The guard took it in hand, and blew lightly. A goofy sound, ‘Supyorororo’ was emitted.
“It’s funny, right?.”
“Interesting maybe…?”
Seeing me smile, the guard returned the whistle with a troubled smiled.
“Alright, you may come in.”
“Thank you very much.”

Just then, it became noisy around the gates.
“It’s a monster!”
Merchants with their luggages rushed in desperation.

The surroundings became immediately abuzz. Guards quickly surrounded the merchants.
“It’s a monster!?”
They replied this with a pale face,
“It’s a dog! Their face is those of a dog and they are carrying weapon.”
“Wow! There are a lot of them.”
“Hurry, get rid of them faster.”
The guards then looked at each other, encouraging themselves to take action immediately.
“Ring the bell! Three times!”
“Messenger to headquarters! Also relay this message to the other gates also!”
“I’ll close down the gates. Everyone, get in!”
The merchants that are lining up to enter the city all panicked, residents are running while holding their children, chaos everywhere. The guards on the other hand, seem to have been well trained, there was no wasted motion. Well, I should say it is all because of the leadership. Morale is high, it is quite excellent.

Upon entering the town, in the covers of the crowd, I took out another whistle. So as not to be found out, I blew it with all my might.
There is no sound. But to us, Werewolves, it was clear as day. That’s because it was a dog-whistle.
It was the signal to move towards the next stage.
Without anyone being suspicious, I slowly headed towards the city square in the center. There is the Viceroy’s mansion.
After a while, it has become noisy in the city also.

“There are monsters!”
“It’s monster dogs!”
Of course, it was the Werewolf troops that had infiltrated in advance, started the action after transforming. It’s an uproar.
However the nasty guards were still glued to the wall.
Moreover, the information relayed was confusing. ”There are Inujin outside of the city!” and “There are Werewolves in the city!”, it became jumbled up.
“It’s a demon dog!”
“It’s alright, the guards are fighting back!”
“Oh, is that so?”
This is a perfect example of chaos. But I want them to differentiate between the cute Inujin and the vigorous Werewolves. We are not dogs.

The situation is exactly as planned, there were no troubles which I was worried about. Soon it is a good time, so I also decided to transform.
With a deep breath, I released the power within me.
It is exhilarating every time I transform. Power would fill within me, uplifting my mood. This excitement is just like a child.

But of course, it is not so for the people around me.
“It’s a monsterrrr!”
I smiled wryly at the frightened people. Because I am a fusion between a human and a wolf, now, I would not look like anything but a monster, threatening them with bared fangs.