Performance record of Viceroy Airia
Chapter 12 (Airia’s POV)

I, Airia Ryutte Aindorf cannot help but leave this record with surprise.

Just a few days ago, our Ryun Height city underwent an attack from the demon army.
It has not even been a year since I was appointed as the Viceroy of Ryunheight, after my father passed away from illness, by the senate.
I was wary of the demon army, but I did not expect them to attack the base so suddenly. There should not have been anyone who would understand the importance of trade route within the demon army. So, I was careless.
Therefore, my inexperienced self did not even have any measures for the sudden attack.
The commander of demon army was a werewolf with jet black hair.

I know very little about the werewolves.
They are the demons, who attack humans after turning into wolf-humans on the night of fullmoon.
They can’t be harmed without silver weapons.
And, also, they are the race destroyed by humans several decades ago.
That is all.
However, because the werewolves have not perished, my knowledge can not be entirely relied upon. They arrived in the daytime and took control of the city with terrifying power.

Since, werewolves are known as human devourers, I was prepared to die.
But that black werewolf, took the sabre out of my hands and said,

“Won’t you give in to prevent the chaos?”

He promised not to do useless slaughter and advised me to surrender.
I had no choice.

Those werewolf troops easily kicked around the elite palace guard troops, but unexpectedly only seven people were killed in war.
After treating and disarming the injured soldiers, he really did nothing, as he promised.
As I was prepared for the mass slaughter of elite troops just for the sake of showing off, I and the elite troops, both, were left perplexed to the same extent of being relieved.

The third division commander of demon army, Vaito’s objective of capturing the city was somehow different.
Suddenly he gathered the leaders of religions and approved the freedom of belief. Because everyone was in fear of religious conversion, this also, left us perplexed to the same extent of being relieved.
I wonder what their gains might be when they are allowing so much freedom.
But it is a fact that citizens are happy. The relief is as big as the fear in the beginning.
That trust seems to be directly related to the demon army….. no, to that individual, Vaito.

There are also other unusual matters. They will absolutely not do robbery. They take whatever they require without any reservations, but always pay the appropriate price.
Since there were not enough lodging houses for the soldiers, so, I was thinking of offering some of the vacant houses, just then not only Vaito took applications from sellers, but also bought it at a higher price than the market value.
I have never seen an army commander with such good manners. It is absurd.
The disastrous scene of Mirarudia unification war, which I had heard from grandfather, was not something like this.

Vaito had an understanding that this is a trading city. He is eagerly making efforts to deal with the public order, and he invited the caravan of demons to resume trading.
At first, the trade dealers were anxious, but soon, they started doing transactions willingly.
The inujins are sincere and keep their promises, and they bring unusually good quality items. There is no trouble at all.
It is a strange feeling.

But I haven’t let my guard down. He is a demon and a subordinate of demon king. I should not forget that they are ruling this city with force.
He is a rational, intelligent and gentle person. Perhaps, he might develop Ryun Height even more than this.
But at the same time, I sense a person with immeasurable depth to which people like me can not match at all.
I have to be vigilant.

I think so, but when I see the peaceful Ryun Height, I sense my heart gradually being swayed. After getting occupied by the demon army, I feel like my official duties have become easy….
I experience a strange comfort in governing this city in cooperation with Vaito.
Therefore, I sincerely hope that Ryun Height will be freed by the Mirarudia alliance army.
Before I get any more charmed by that black werewolf.

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