“Recollections of Priest Yuhito”
Chapter 19 (Yuhito’s PoV)

 When I looked back at Ryun Height’s castle gate visible in the distance, for a moment I stood still.
There is no chance to pass through that gate anymore.

 When I learned that the demon army consisted of only a few werewolves and powerless inujins, I thought that the powerful bow cavalry of Tuban could easily win against them.
The commander of Tuban palace guards is the best pupil I had taught the doctrine of Radiant faith. After I informed him about the situation with carrier pigeons, he secretly recruited volunteer soldiers.
But to deploy the soldiers without the permission of the senate, even the viceroy doesn’t have such privilege. Just a mere palace guard commander doing such an act, would be punished as an act of insurrection.

Even so, around fifty of the bow cavalry accepted. Also from the civilians, around three hundred something people volunteered to be the soldiers.
If it was a force of about four hundred people, as long as they have silver weapons, they should be able to easily exterminate inujin and werewolves.
Afterwards all my disciples had to do was to open the gates and welcome them inside the city. Even among the citizens there would be people who will agree on this.
It was a dangerous gamble, but there was sufficient chance of winning.
I was thinking like that.

But, those werewolves, easily smashed my foolish plan.
According to my disciples’ report, only a dozen of werewolves seemed to have gone outside of the castle walls.
But according to the story of that werewolf commander, he massacred all the four hundred of Tuban’s soldiers.
Just with a dozen werewolves.

On top that, they arrested my disciples and also saw through me, the main culprit behind this massacre, which can not even be called a fight.
I was prepared to be killed on the spot. From the time I joined the fight against demons, I was already prepared.
Even betraying the viceroy who had walked on the path of cooperation with demons, I wanted to rescue Ryun Height from the demons.
I shall pay the price with my life.

But the werewolf commander did not kill me.
He calmly listened my story and occasionally even showed signs of appreciation.
Even if I say myself, it is an impossible story to believe. He is a demon, and is supposed to be enemy of humans. He should never be able to understand our feelings.
But I can surely guarantee that he had some sort of understanding of my opinion.
Of course, he didn’t say it out loud.

When the werewolf commander finished his questioning, he looked deeply in disappointment for a moment.
And it suddenly changed into a strong cynicism.
Even now, I can clearly remember the words he said at that moment.

“Interesting. Then let me subdue with the power of human.”

Then I was given a copy of letter.
“This is a formal letter to the viceroy of Tuban. It contains the details of war and the fact that we buried the war dead courteously. As a clergyman well known in Tuban, you would be the messenger.”
Neither my life nor my social position was snatched, but in short this is exile. He didn’t say anything, but I can understand that much.
But why, the werewolf commander did not kill me?
Thinking about the intention of the werewolf commander, I begin to walk towards my hometown.

It is difficult to imagine, but there is a chance that he showed mercy towards me. Somehow he was sympathetic towards me.
But it’s useless that he didn’t kill me on the spot.
Once I reach Tuban, I will be killed. On top of inciting a section of palace guards and citizens, I also let them die.
I can never forgive myself.
But compared to being killed by enemies after a failed strategy, it is better to die while apologizing to my brethren of Tuban.

No, perhaps, that may be his aim.
To kill a human by human hands. Without dirtying his own hands, and at a place the people of Ryun Height can’t see.
After I leave, there is no one in the radiant church who would openly dare to fight with demons. Everything will be solved cleanly.
It is a terrific strategy.

But that is also a trivial matter now.
Putting all of my life on the line, I foolishly challenged the demons, and got defeated too quickly. What I have left is a small amount of time for atonement.
Let me return to Tuban.
Thus I will die.

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  • iRpony

    The pov is nice… Yet it didn’t helped at all, same as the viceroy, she and this priest felt nothing but slaves to the crude plot line with no individuality nor will of their own, as soon as they interact with the MC, acting like stepping stones to place the MC upon the pedestal.

    A pov supposed to be a way to show who this character is and what they are, for readers to understand them more deeply. This confuses alot, because both their actions contradict from who they’re descibe to be.

    Enough of my rant, Thanks for the chapter.

    • Shin Asura

      didn’t know we’ve got an expert on pov

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        mate, you’re a year late.
        I’m way pass PoV science and currently researching “Shit-Taste”

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          so you’re an expert in shit taste now? 😮

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    Maan, this is sad