Glorious Ryun Height Palace Guards
Chapter 24

Bidding farewell to aide Bartz with a handshake, I walk with Mereen-senpai along the hallways.
“Senpai, what will you do after this?”
“Since I already finished reporting, I will return now.”
The moment I asked, teacher entered from the window floating lightly.
“Oh, you both are here.”

At that moment, Mereen-senpai threw her arms around teacher.
“Sensei! I longed to meet you!”
The scene of a big breasted beauty hugging a small girl sure is pleasant, but the pair is vampire disciple and spirit technique teacher.
The great sage Gomoviroa pushes aside the face of vampire Mereen and makes an annoyed face.
“Didn’t we meet a little while ago. This, stop this. My hips will break.”
“But I wanted to meet sensei!”
If people from another division see this, they would be surprised, but for us disciples it’s a scene of our everyday life.
The first disciple Mereen-senpai loves the teacher dearly just like her mother.

After teacher finally pushes senpai away with some troubles, she hits lightly on her head.
“Despite it’s already been fifty years you have been my disciple, still you can’t calm down.”
While clearing her throat, teacher alternatively looks at us.
“Listen, the cities you two govern would be of more importance hereafter. You two know the precarious situation of the northern warfronts?”
I and senpai nodded simultaneously.
In case the northern war front collapses, it will be inevitable for the demon army to invade from the south. At that time, the two cities we both control will become the war front bases for demon army.

Putting her hands on our shoulders, Teacher mutters.
“Originally as your teacher, it was my role to share the profundity along with the fun of magic. That became this kind of thing, it is inexcusable.”
It seems, teacher who was a persistent researcher, regrets that she involved her disciples in the war.

Then Mereen-senpai laughs cheerfully.
“Oh sensei, aren’t we a school which focuses on practice? Vaito, don’t you think so?”
“Of course. And if we are there, we will reduce the useless slaughter.”
Also to reduce calamity brought upon by the second division, our, the third division’s existence is necessary.
Although we cannot avoid the deaths of humans or demons in the future, but if we’re there, more or less, it is going to be better.

Nodding deeply, Teacher pats on both of our heads.
“I have got good disciples. I am sorry to have you carry those heavy responsibilities but please take care hereafter also.”
“Yes, sensei!”
“Leave it to us!”
With smiling faces, I and senpai bumped our fists.

After that, being sent off by teacher, I returned to Ryun Height.
Most of the minor official duties are performed by the Viceroy, Airia, and the practical work is being done by the squad leaders of each squad.
Be that as it may, I am the chief commander.
As usual there were several documents on the table awaiting my approval

“What’s this?”
There is a joint petition by the North East and West districts of the trade Association.
Since the inujin Caravans only utilize the South Gate, the money doesn’t come down to the main streets of each district.
Am I responsible for that.
Nonetheless, their livelihood is dependent on this.

“Hmm….. Ah, that’s right”
Let me get them permission to put a stall or a temporary shop in the South district.
And then, once the trade with Bernhainen in the Northwest starts, I will disperse the people on the north gate and the west gate main street.
On the east gate… That’s right, let’s make a workshop for inujin.
With this, I guess it may become a little bit more crowded.

After that, there are some trivial things like the Gaani brothers made a ruckus in the bar after getting drunk, or the plantation report of inujin troops.
I decided to smack the Gaani brothers afterwards.
But, there was one document that caught my attention.

“Oh, a request letter regarding the treatment of palace guards”
Airia is the proposer. It is also jointly signed by palace guards’ captain.
The palace guards are affiliated to the senate, hence the salary is also paid by the senate.
But currently, it is not possible for the salaries to be delivered by the senate.
Although Airia is providing for the livelihood of the distressed palace guards, but leaving as it is forever is also a problem. She hopes for reconsideration regarding the treatment.
That was the content.

I misunderstood in the beginning, but palace guards were not an existence like some weak characters to do away with. They are the specialists of public security and also professional soldiers.
There are only about two hundred of the palace guards in Ryun Height, but in case of emergency, the citizen soldiers were mobilized in the scale of hundreds. It is the same in all the cities.
The ones supervising them would be the professional soldiers, the palace guards. That’s why they can be considered as non-commissioned officers.

My intuition tells me that this is a good opportunity. The reaction from these kind of adversaries are the negotiation materials which can bring profits to the demon army.
Immediately I adjusted my appearance, and decided to visit the lodging house of palace guards, alone.

“This is the demon army third division vice commander Vaito. Is the palace guards’ captain here?”
When I went there suddenly, the palace guards in the lodging house were in the middle of muscle training. It seems they don’t have any idea to sit by idly even if there are no jobs.
After they looked at each other, a brawny middle-aged man came from inside. It’s a giant mustache.
“This is Ryun Height palace guards’ captain, Vengen”
There is dignity, and at a glance, looks strong.
I understand that I can kill him easily when I transform, but somehow I feel nervous. On top of that, they are covered up in the smell of sweat, so I can’t read their emotions at all.
This, is a problem.

Looking at the soldiers gathering in groups, I state my purpose to captain Vengen.
“Regarding the treatment of palace guards, I received a suggestion from Airia-dono. Therefore I want to consult with Airia-dono afterwards, but for now I want to hear your opinion.”
Thereupon, Vengen makes a puzzled face tilting his head to the side.
“Our opinion, specifically, what kind?”
“The one you offer your swords to is the Mirarudia senate, right? The one that pays your salary is also the senate.”
That is the problem.

“You have surrendered to the demon army, but of course you are not part of the demon army. That’s why you don’t get salary from the demon army.”
As though it is a matter of fact, the palace guards nod.
It’s a splendid loyalty.
“Having said that, you are also not the private army of Viceroy. The Viceroy is the immediate superior but not the employer.”
“That is true.”
Vengen nodded seriously.

I looked up at the giant, one head taller than me.
“You have the duty of maintaining the public security of Ryun Height but currently the demon army and trade association is doing it in your stead.”
The palace guards didn’t say anything, but their faces became gloomy.
Then, I said with as much as possible cheerful expression.
“I don’t ask you to submit to the demon army. You can still remain as the palace guards of the senate. So, can’t you help with maintaining the public security? I will return your weapons, and won’t meddle in your business.”

Listening to my words, the palace guards seemed disturbed.
“Return our weapons?”
“Didn’t you request allegiance?”
“What is this about?”
I hope you don’t look down on me.
These are the brave palace guards who faced the werewolves from legends without any fear.
I am not stupid enough to think that I can change their loyalty so easily.

“If you help in maintaining the public order of Ryun Height, there will be a provision for the Viceroy to pay wages to you people. There are no changes in the laws of Ryun Height after its occupation. It’s fine to keep it same as before.”
Commotion spreads among the palace guards.
“Is it fine to be same as before…”
“But, it would be like you are cooperating with the demon army…”
“For all that, maintaining public security is our duty.”

After waiting sometime for their hesitation to pass, I say again.
“Either to remain loyal to the senate forever or to serve the people of Ryun Height, that is a decision you have to make for yourselves. The demon army will respect your decision.”
Silence ruled the vicinity.

Seemingly guessing the moods of his subordinates, Captain Vengen said.
“Vaito-dono, I request you to return our swords.”
I returned the key to the armory to them. Right after several palace guards ran off.
Soon they held swords again.

Inside the spacious lodging house, Captain Vengen ordered the palace guards.
“Fall in!”
The footsteps briefly gathered, and the palace guards neatly aligned.
Looking at the two hundred palace guards completely armored, even I also feel nervous.
In case they start a war playfully like priest Yuhito, the tragedy from few days ago might repeat itself.

While drawing his sword splendidly, Vengen issued a command again.
“All hands, draw!”
Oi, do you really want to fight?

Captain Vengen shouted in a resounding voice.
“Our Ryun Height Palace Guards are affiliated to the senate! But we exist to protect the public order of Ryun Height!”
He solemnly declared.
“Therefore, today for the time being, our troop temporarily withdraws from under the command of the senate! Hereafter, with my responsibility, we return to our duty of protecting the public order! To Ryun Height, we dedicate our swords!”
Then all of them offered their swords with both hands simultaneously.

That surprised me.
When I realized, Captain Vengen and the palace guards are looking at me earnestly.
“Vaito-dono, I wanted to say something for a long time”
“You are way more powerful than us, but in no way, you ever scorn us, or hold us in contempt. Always you treat us as your fellow military men. We are grateful for that.”
If our position reverses, I also want to be treated as a fellow military man. That’s why I do it like this.

Captain Vengen laughed as a mischievous child, and continued.
“Be that as it may, we lost very badly in the beginning. So if I am a little afraid, can you please forgive?”
This guy, tsk!
Smiling wryly, I nodded a little.
“Please don’t make the timid me more afraid. I will report it to the palace guards, if you do it again.”
The cheerful palace guards laughed simultaneously, and I also joined them.

Thus the Ryun Height Palace Guards resumed their duties while remaining neutral.
To make the humans obedient, it sure takes a lot of effort.
But with this, the werewolf troops would get a little more rest.