Introduction of New Weapons
Chapter 25

Then for a little while, I also was able to spend some days at leisure.
Trade started with the demon army occupied city, Bernhainen, and Ryun Height became lively day by day.
Just that, the peddlers come from that side are all vampires, but if they don’t cause any trouble here then it can be overlooked.

The palace guards also resumed their duties, and they are diligently protecting the order in street corners and main street.
They still make grim faces while looking at us, but once in awhile one can see that they are chatting with the werewolf squads.

On one such day, finally the thing I am waiting for has arrived.
“I have put you through the trouble of this long journey.”
I was greeting the group arrived at the north gate.
It’s a ryujin squad. A lot of water proof barrels were stacked on the cart.

The leader-like ryujin stepped forward, and saluted me.
“I, Dragon Flame Mechanic Division Technical Officer, Kurtz, arrived after being transferred from the first division. Total twenty four members, no changes.”
“Roger that.”
I also returned the salute.
Looking at his blue scales, I suddenly realized.
“Perhaps, Kurtz-dono is a relative of Bartz-dono?”
“Yes. Bartz is my younger brother. To have such an excellent younger brother makes me very proud.”
Since the names are similar, I thought of the possibility, and it’s really likewise.
“Since my younger brother had always praised Vaito-dono, I was looking forward to meet you.”

Kurtz has not received any titles from the demon king, hence he is treated as any other soldier.
He looks like an intellectual worker, I guess it’s understandable.
If he fights with Dogg from the shishioni troops, then he would be flattened in one punch.
But, when I conversed with Kurtz, I realized that he is an excellent person. If this is the case, he might be highly valued by the demon king.
Perhaps, he is equal to me, possibly even higher.

Technical officer Kurtz, while drinking the treasured green tea in my office, explained about the gunpowder the demon army had produced.
“If ‘Dragon’s breath’ is used as a weapon, the effect is tremendous, but thinking about the time and the effort, it’s not reasonable to make use of it.”
Well, I want to prepare a gun squad using that gunpowder… I wanted to say that but if I say too much then it would look suspicious again. Perhaps it may be under development, let me remain silent.
“However, the mixing ratio I have independently developed, could create even more useful weapons.”
Oh, is there a gun too? Is it a matchlock?

When I leaned forward, technical officer Kurtz brought out a tiny ball. It’s different from what I expected, but it seems like a bomb.
“This is the newly developed ‘Dragon Ball’”
“I see.”
“Metal is used.”
It’s a type which kills using splinters. Terrifying.
“Red, Blue, Yellow, Green…”
“Wait, what’s the story?”
Thereupon, laughing proudly, he said.
“If you burn the metal, Various coloured flame can be produced. With this, we can produce multicolored explosion.”
The new weapon of the Damon Army was just fireworks.

I have not been disappointed like this before, but I understood that Kurtz is an excellent technical officer.
Besides if you think about it, there may be a way to use this fireworks.
“If it is launched, orders and reports can be delivered in a wide area.”
Kurtz was surprised.
“I agree. How do you know?”
“These personnel and equipment were sent by the Demon King himself, so I thought that there would be a way to use them. It is all but a guess.”

The dog whistles can get through to only inujin and werewolves, but if it’s the signal balls, the ryujins or humans can also be conveyed. It’s faster than the signal fire and can also be used at night.
Alright, let me receive it gratefully.
“It’s a wonderful invention, Kurtz-dono. As expected of the elder brother of Bartz-dono.”
“It’s an honour. … but, to see through this weapon in just a glance, you sure are a famous commander as per the rumors.”
I am not really a famous commander, but I am happy to hear compliments.

“By the way Vaito-dono, there were armored humans in front of the castle gates.”
Kurtz is saying about the palace guards. I guess it is unusual.
“They are the Mirarudia alliance army’s palace guards stationed in Ryun Height.”
I heard a ryujin shouting in a loud voice for the first time.
“What, what. Won’t it make me surprised.”
“So,sorry to be rude. But aren’t they the enemies!?”
Ah, is that so, the typical perception of a demon race.

“After they have surrendered, currently they are independently acting to maintain the public order in Ryun Height. It’s a neutral standpoint.”
Kurtz, still being in a state of disbelief, looked down the palace guards in the street corner from the window.
The palace guards are armed with short spears, and if they feel like, they can easily harm the inujins or the ryujins.

“Is it really fine?”
I also don’t have confidence if it really is fine, but there’s not enough hands only with the werewolf troops, so I decided to believe.
“Even if they offer their swords to the Mirarudia senate, they’re not the god they believe. It’s the citizens of Ryun Height. That’s why they won’t cause unnecessary disputes.”
“I can’t comprehend….”
Kurtz looked impatient with worry, but I think he will get used to it.

Like this, Ryun Height became a place, where werewolf, inujin, ryujin and vampires can come and go.
The werewolves are rough, but are completely obedient to me, and the inujins are cheerful and like humans. Ryujins are calm and intellectual, and the vampires are not that different from normal humans as long as they don’t suck blood.
Looking at the town where humans and demons pass by, somehow I felt like healing from the tiredness of the days.
Viceroy Airia seems very busy with more and more cases at disposal, but taxes would also increase, so let her keep at it.

Apart from that, the problem at hand is conquering Tuban.
As, currently, the northern war front is on the only path of retreat, the southern war front has to continue its progress. It will affect the morale of the entire demon army. The demons only follow the strong.
The demon king himself boasts of strength to the extent of a demigod, but if the demon army is not strong, the soldiers will be alienated. That’s the way it is.
Since it’s already the time teacher would come to pick me up, let me go to report the demon king.

“What a bad luck, again another city was recaptured.”
After finishing my report, I was having lunch with aide Bartz in the executive cafeteria of Glenstadt castle.
Bartz is greatly perplexed. Today also, picking the fragrant grasshopper fry, heaved a sigh.
The captain of the Blue Scale order, the strongest even in the first division, is in a really miserable plight.
Well, since in this place he can’t be seen by the soldiers, this is probably his true face.

“The second division without coordination among the races, each pursuing their own achievements, are separately marching forward. Because they also don’t maintain the supply line, one after another troops are being crushed after getting isolated.”
The demon king is moving the army with a rational and modern logistics.
But, because the orders don’t spread through the front line, as the war progressed, second division’s selfish conducts stood out.
Even an idiot like Dogg of the shishioni troops is treated as a resourceful general in the second division…
“The second division has its hands full with maintaining the war front, it seems there is even no one to come back for a report. Instead I am the one reporting his highness, the demon king, but it’s very bitter to read out loud the pathetic letter….”

After the meal, Bartz took out a small cloth bag in the cafeteria and gulped down a tablet similar to a small stone.
“Ah, this? For my stomach pain, I got a gastrolith for medicinal use from the army doctor. It doesn’t work so well, but
This thing looks like stomach medicine.
“….anxiety, you might guess”
Although his face is like a lizard, I feel like I’m rapidly getting familiar with this person.

For the sake of the nervous temperament of a co-worker, I have to work hard.
“For the southern front, we, the third division, are responsible for capturing. Ryun Height began to calm down, please let me help in conquering Tuban.”
Then Bartz grabbed my hand from across the table.
“His highness also expects great things from Vaito-dono . Please, I request you for a report to ease the mood of the demon king.”
This person is also really a handful.