Violent Runner Maiden
Chapter 26

After that, there was a confidential meeting of Teacher and the Demon King for the purpose of capturing Tuban by the third division. Apparently, the commander is also decided, so I got busy suddenly.
Ryun Height, where we currently are, is the closest from Tuban. That’s why, this city will become the relay base for the Tuban capture army.

I ordered the inujin troops to start the construction work in front of the forest outside the west gate.
“It’s a place of rest for the soldiers tired from marching, just make it so to endure rain and wind! The rest doesn’t matter!”
Even if I say so myself, it’s a harsh statement, but there is not enough materials or personnel.

The main forces this time around are the jinba race. Their upper body is human and lower body is horse. It’s the so-called centaurs. They are a troublesome group.
What the trouble is that they require lodging houses of stable standard. Even if I let them inside the city, there is no place for them to stay. Because five hundred animals…. No, five hundred people will be coming.
Therefore, in a hurry, I ordered the inujin military engineers to construct lodging house.

“Yo, commander. There you were!”
The one that called me to halt is the blacksmith of werewolf troops, Jerik.
He rushed up to me half naked, and showed me horseshoe.
“Because this is the size for jinbas’ use, the horse ones couldn’t be used. I had no choice but to make it anew. How is this?”
“Even if you ask me that…”
I held it in my hand, but I don’t get it.
“There wouldn’t be mistakes in your work. I leave it to you.”
“Alright, then I will rush to make these. Don’t put anything in my shift?”
“I understand already.”

This time, it’s Faan-oneechan.
“Vaito-kun, what do the jinba race eat? Dry grass?”
“Well, because the upper half is human, may be they don’t eat dry grass…”
Perhaps, they may eat, and that is the amazing thing about demons.
Just in case, for each jinba soldier, two person worth of human food was scheduled to be prepared. Although it’s not as much a werewolf, but still they seem to eat well.

“What to do, I can’t prepare that much meat.”
“The ones that go ‘meat meat’, are only us, the werewolves. It’s fine to put in bread and dry fruit.”
“Understood, I will prepare that.”
Faan-oneechan hurriedly ran off.
Since the common sense and ecology is different if the races are different, anyway it’s a big job.

When we are having troubles with this and that, an inujin guard comes running.
“Something is getting closer in the north gate! Around fifteen hundred!”
“Fifteen hundred?”
“Looks like a cavalry!”
It’s strange, considering the jinba troops, the numbers don’t match.
Immediately, I ordered the suspension of construction work, and made the inujin retreat inside the city.
What is going on.

When I reached the north gate, I ordered to close the castle gate.
I summon my underlings with a howling.
Receiving the emergency summons, werewolves gathered at the northgate one by one.
“Vaito, isn’t this the day for the reinforcements to arrive?”
“From that direction, enemies won’t come, right?”
To the werewolves saying unanimously, I ask them to be vigilant just in case. It was also just like when Tuban volunteer troops came.

The ones getting closer certainly look like cavalry, but gradually their figures could be seen clearly.
What, isn’t it the jinba race after all.
The upper body is armor wearing soldier, and the lower body is horse of a size of a pony. Rather a brave appearance.
Nonetheless, I feel uneasy about the numbers being different from the report.

And soon the jinba troops are aligned before the castle gate, and a little jinba soldier came forward from within.
A jinba equipped with a short spear and a small shield, brandishing and swinging the spear shouts.
“Ya Ya I am the demon army third division aide, ‘Violent Runner’ Fernel! Open the gate, open the ga~te!”
It’s the voice of a girl.
(TN: the second time, she says it cutely, Kaimon)

Since Fernel was the name I had heard, getting down from the castle walls, I greeted them. The anxious werewolves also follow in succession.
“This is third division Aide Vaito. Nice to meet you, is it?”
(TN: Here nice to meet you is Hajimemashite, which is normally used if you’re meeting someone for the first time, that’s why Vaito is confused if it was the first time they met)
When I introduced myself, the girl of jinba race happily nodded.
“Hmm, nice to meet you! Although I am not a magician, I believe I am a disciple of Gomoviroa-sama! Please treat me well, senpai!”
Somehow the rhythm is amiss.
(TN: She refers herself as ‘Boku’, which is normally used by young boys, aka bokuonna)

It seems like there are no problems, so I guided them to the west forest.
“Since there are no facilities for jinba race inside the city, I have prepared the camps here. Although it’s only for five hundred.”
“Eh, why is it only five hundred?”
I explain, with a sigh, to the sullen looking Fernel.
“Because you didn’t report the exact numbers.”
“Well, the intention was to bring five hundred, however everyone said they want to came along… ehehe”
It’s not ehehe.

Since it can’t be helped, I decided to order the inujins to spread out the tents. I can’t bring myself to make the officers of demon army to sleep outdoors. Somehow it should be enough.
“I am a junior, so you can call me without honorifics.”
Fernel laughs. She’s innocently cute, but is she really fine as a commander, this girl.

“Fernel, listen well. The demon army is neither a collection of hobbies, nor is it a charity. It is troublesome if you don’t report accurately, or do not act according the decided plan.”
When I rebuked, Fernel saluted straightening her back.
“Yes, I will be careful from now on!”
Hm, isn’t she quite obedient.
“So, please don’t be angry anymore, senpai?”
“Can’t you please stop that way of calling.”

I invited her to the Viceroy’s mansion, lead her to the office. I think the carpets would be considerably spoiled with the hoofs, but well I will apologize to the maids of the viceroy later.
Well, it’s a discussion regarding the job.
“The fifteen hundred jinba troops and three hundred Grave Wax troops from Mereen-senpai. The rest are the thousand skeleton troops from Teacher, adding together it’s three thousand, isn’t it?”
Stop calling me like that.
Somehow it feels ticklish.

“Well, the werewolf troops have to defend Ryun Height…”
The chance of rebellion by the palace guards of Ryun Height is exceedingly low, but just because of that I can’t leave it unattended. I can’t move the werewolf troops.
“Teacher was saying that she has lent senpai two thousand skeleton troops?”
“Can’t take it out. I will use it for Ryun Height’s defense.”
Then Fernel cheerfully laughed.
“It’s fine, even if enemies were to come, they would be Tuban’s relief forces.”

I fixedly gaze at the map.
As Ryun Height is a trade city, all the neighborhood cities are connected with trade routes. Although it’s convenient to attack from here, similarly it’s also easy to be attacked.
Just that, Mirarudia alliance army’s main force is fiercely battling in the northern war front, the possibility of an attack here is very low.

“But, we can’t be careless.”
When I was hesitant, Fernel leaned forward, and said.
“Senpai, on the capture of Tuban lies the northern war front’s… no, the demon army’s future. We absolutely can’t fail. That’s why, please, lend me the soldiers.”
It was a serious gaze. Without thinking, I nodded.
“Th,that’s right….”
“Besides look, once we capture Tuban, Mirarudia alliance army would come to recover Tuban first before Ryun Height? Wouldn’t Ryun Height be peaceful?”
With a complete change, Fernel made a carefree expression.

But, the serious gaze of Fernel was burned into my mind.
Also, her point is correct. As one would expect, she has the qualities to be a vice commander, and she sure has a discerning eye for the war situation.
“Fernel. You, can you move the skeleton soldiers?”
“Then, it can’t be helped.”
I coldy refuse.
Fernel is disheartened.

Standing up, I patted her back.
“That’s why, I would take the skeleton soldiers with me. Get the permission from Teacher.”
In the blink of an eye, her expressions became cheerful, and kicking up her hooves she hugged me.
“Thank you! I love you senpai!”
So, please stop calling me like that.