“Fernel’s Diary”
Chapter 27

(Fernel’s POV)

Today, I met Vaito-senpai for the first time.

Senpai is also in the third division of Demon army, and a vice division commander same as me. Eh, was it aide? Oh, well.
Senpai is a werewolf, and seems incredibly strong.
Teacher-sama was saying that he easily defeated the famous commander Dogg of the second division. Commander Dogg, wasn’t he one of the five most powerful person in the second division?
I haven’t fought with anyone stronger than me yet.
I am very anxious.

In addition, Vaito-senpai is also great even as a commander.
I have heard that he has captured the city of Ryun Height with just Fifty-six werewolves. On top of that, there were no casualties. Really amazing.
Even if I were to command fifty six jinba troops, I simply wouldn’t be able capture this big a city.

Even as a magician, it seems he’s considerably skillful. Although I don’t understand those things, Teacher-sama was saying as such.
Ah, the one I am referring as Teacher-sama is Great sage Gomoviroa-sama. Even though I am like this, I am still the disciple of Great sage. Though I can’t use magic…
Since senpai is the werewolf magician, he has a cool title like ‘Demon Wolf’.
(TN: The character 魔 from 魔狼(demon wolf) means demon, but when used with other words it also means magic. So the title of Vaito can both be interpreted as ‘Demon Wolf’ or ‘Magic Wolf’. )

Isn’t he great. He is strong as a soldier, as a commander and also as a magician.
But, even more wonderful thing is his ability to rule the humans.

Although senpai is ruling Ryun Height, it is a completely different method than Mereen senpai.
How you ask, it’s that senpai is using the human viceroy as she is. He also made the human palace guards to be his allies.
No, it really is true.
I saw the palace guards working.

We, jinbas are approximately half same as humans, but the insides are completely different. We are the soldiers of the proud demon race.
So, I don’t know about the thinking of humans.
Although I have heard that the werewolves are also proud demon race hunters, but senpai seems to completely know what the humans were thinking. Everyone is saying such rumours.
… perhaps, he might read what’s inside my mind?

Because he is such a wonderful senpai, of course the demon king also trusts him very much.
In the stories I heard, he also has a ryujin squad, which was previously under direct control of the demon king, under his command. I saw them in Ryun Height by accident.
Even the division commander Teacher-sama does not have any ryujins as her subordinates.
Indeed, he is one of those called as ‘the strongest aide’ in the demon army.

But, I was surprised the most, when I met senpai personally.
You see.

My heart was beating very fast.

He is so cool! Despite being a famous commander of the demon army, who everyone knows, he was very kind to me, who he met for the first time!
Oh, just remembering that makes my heart almost blow up.

Even though I brought three times the soldiers I have reported, he immediately prepared lodging for everyone, the way he does things are all very cool!
Although he got a little angry, since his scolding is also like that of an adult, made my heart throb. Without thinking I replied respectfully.
Also, his embarrassed face when I called him ’senpai’, was a little pitiable, and also cute!
The coolest thing was when I requested senpai for reinforcement! When I thought it was impossible, senpai himself said he would come!
Wow, terrific.
This is just terrific.

But, I can’t remain too shy.
This fight, is the fight for our, jinba squads’, survival.
For a several hundred years now, the humans have invaded the lands of jinba race and little by little, we have lost places to live.

We are the people of prairie. When the plains are converted into agricultural lands, we lose our living space.
Because it is not the same for the demon races living in mountains and forests, we may be the ones with most conflict with the humans.
According to the elder, our numbers have continued to decline. If it continues like this, we would absolutely perish one day.

I planned to bring around five hundred of our soldiers, but hearing it is the crisis of entire jinba race, the people from other clans also joined in. Adding up to a total fifteen hundred!
Honestly, I am afraid to be in charge of this many lives.
Because, this is the large part of soldiers of jinba race. The future of jinba race is on the line.
With my one mistake in commanding the entire jinba race may perish.
I am very much afraid.

That’s why the cowardly me relied on senpai.
Senpai’s fame has spread beyond the demon army. Among the jinba races also, Demon Wolf Vaito’s name is well known.
Although senpai who mostly lives in Ryun Height doesn’t know about those things.

When the jinba troops learned about senpai participating in the war, they became very excited.
Of course it would be like that, since he is ranked after the demon king and division commander in the list of most influential person. Fighting alongside strong soldiers is the highest honour for the jinba race.
I think with this, everyone can freely put forth their true strength in capturing Tuban.

But, doing it like this and relying on senpai is not good, right?… I am reflecting on it.
Soon, with experience I will also become a splendid commander like senpai! So please overlook me for now!

…If capturing Tuban goes smoothly, I wonder, will senpai praise me?

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