Third Division’s War Council
Chapter 28

For the last discussion on Tuban capture, various commanders of third division gathered in Ryun Height.
Borrowing one of the rooms in viceroy’s mansion, we carry out the review of the protocols.

“I wonder, How thick the Tuban’s castle gate is.”
The queen of vampires Mereen-senpai put her hand on her face as she tilted her head to a side.
Senpai is the first disciple of Teacher and also a master of spirit technique, and has demonstrated her skills in negotiations and strategies but when it comes to battle tactics she is almost like an amateur.
“Senpai, remember the castle gate at your place.”
“The castle gate of Bernhainen is just a grill gate…”
As an ancient city famous for its scenic beauty, Bernhainen didn’t have any attraction for the demons, so it seems that amount of defense sufficed.
If it is the same thickness as Ryun Height’s gate, then there would be no trouble, but it’s the city which has continued to develop new technologies as the workshop of Mirarudia.
It will not go much easily.

The strength of Mereen-senpai lies on the point that she can make humans her servants easily by turning them into vampires.
Or rather, there’s no hope otherwise. Converting the commander of enemy into a vampire and making him betray is the only surefire way to win.
The vampires in this world don’t fear sunlight or religious seals, however they can neither fly in the air nor transform. Surprisingly plain.
“Vaito, didn’t you think of me as useless just now?”
“No, I didn’t?”

“Without breaking the things like the castle gate, senpai jumping over the castle gate… what was that, yeah ‘Soul Shaker’, can’t you use that?”
The one said that this, carefreely, is the new disciple Fernel. This jinba race girl seems to have come to city for the first time, now she is in a daze sniffing the smell of window glass.
“Originally that is a technique to dominate in a magic battle. The range of effect is not so wide, and also I can’t use it consecutively.”
Besides, I know that there are large crossbows of fixed type are deployed in large quantities on the castle walls of Tuban.
If I was hit by the lance like huge arrow in vitals, even if I am a werewolf, I would still die.

“As expected, the plan have to be like squashing them with skeleton troops.”
The one to say that is our Teacher, the Great Sage Gomoviroa.
Teacher, who can summon deceased soldiers infinitely is a moving supply base.
That said, leaving aside all other work, she can at most summon a hundred in one day. If we lose a thousand, then Teacher can’t do anything for ten days.
As a supreme commander, she can’t only be doing things like replenishing soldiers.

As a matter of fact, the demon army doesn’t have any know-how of siege warfare.
Well it would be like that. Until recently they were having little skirmishes only with demon extermination punitive forces of humans.
No one has an experience of anything like a siege attack on a fortress town.
Well, the same can be said about the human side, there should not be just about anyone who is an expert in castle attack in Mirarudia. So much time has passed since the unification war.

Furthermore, the thing I am most troubled about is a thing common to the demons.
That you can’t switch a branch.
For example, the jinba race are excellent cavalry, but they can’t dismount even if they rush inside a city. Well they are not particularly mounted, so it’s obvious.

On the other hand, the bow cavalry that Tuban is proud of, once dismounted can function as bow infantry.
In the past when demons continuously lost the wars against humans, this difference had always been the decisive blow.
Which reminds me of a game in my previous life, the demon-like unit had low growth rate, restrictions on equipments, less freedom in choosing branches, and other things like that.

In the industrial city Tuban, the main street is wide to bring in materials, but inside the town it seems to be completely jumbled up with various different sized workshops.
For the jinba race who can’t make sharp turns, it is a disadvantageous environment.
The battle after storming the city would likely to be more bitter.
That’s why we can’t spend too much energy on breaking through the castle gate.

First, the skeleton troops can be considered disposable, they can somehow fight in the narrow places also, but as they are just automatic fighting dolls, they can’t make trivial decisions.
They can’t differentiate between citizens and soldiers, can’t understand even if someone surrenders, if we put them in a street fighting, it would become a massacre.
Our mission is to capture, neither destruction nor mass murder.

If we call the stone throwing kyojin soldiers from the second division then the castle gate can be easily destroyed, and if we have the ryujin soldiers from first division then the battle inside the city would also be easy, but unfortunately it is not a situation to call either of them.
Since most of the powerful demons are generally grouped by their races, it is a headache that I can’t use them flexibly like humans.

My werewolf troops are few in number, and the inujin troops don’t have enough strength. Mereen-senpai’s vampire troops are not very good in direct fights. Besides, each troops have missions in their own occupied territories.
It is very distressing that I can’t battle in an ideal situation, but doing something about that is the job of us, the commanders.
Then, what should we do.

The plans for breaking through the castle gate is ready, but since the information about the strength of castle gate is unknown, the success rate is meagre.
The battle inside the city… being prepared for casualties, there is no other way than to send in the jinba troops. Fernel also seems resolute.

Just that she still has some hesitation about the resulting casualties, Fernel sent a look to Mereen-senpai like imploring her.
“Ano.., is it useless if Mereen-senpa…Mereen-sama converts the viceroy of Tuban to a vampire?”
The use of words is entirely different compared to when she talks to me.
Seems like she was harshly scolded by senpai.
Looking closely, Fernel is rubbing back of head as if it is painful.
In the first meeting itself, she seems to have been smacked.

For a second Mereen-senpai showed an expression of thinking, but immediately shook her head apologetically.
“Hmm, it’s a little difficult. It is fine after the successful first surprise attack, but now the human side are already vigilant. For me and Vaito also, our identity can be revealed with simple magic.”
After all the humans are not fighting us for hundreds of years just for show.
There is a simple good luck charm, which can even be used by an apprentice magician. Then they can easily figure out that we are demons.
That’s why the ancestors of werewolves left the town and secluded their offsprings in hidden villages long ago.

After all the discussions remained unsettled, and the meeting became a class reunion, before one knew the topic had changed to yearning for the days of training.
Although we are not to be seen as a gathering in college laboratory, but as for me, I want to make the plans….

At that moment, the door was knocked and nervously Airia came in.
“I am honoured to meet you for the first time. I am the viceroy of Ryun Height Airia Rutte Aindorf. Although meagre, I have arranged your dinner. Please come to the dining room later on.”
With the arrival of the beauty in male clothes, all the women became excited.

“Vaito, this beautiful child is the viceroy here!? Why didn’t you tell me before! Kyaa, cool!”
“Because if senpai sees anyone beautiful, you would suck their blood disregarding their gender. Rather, please change that bad habit of yours.”
If Airia becomes a vampire, my ruling policy would collapse at its base. It would be a problem unless she remains a human.

“Teacher-sama, perhaps senpai is popular?”
“Well, I don’t know. This is a stubborn person. That’s right, there is an interesting story from the training period…”
The loli Teacher and jinba girl are happily talking with each other making childish faces. Just like middle schoolers who fall in love with love.
“Airia-dono, who has chosen to walk on the path of cooperation with the demon army, is an important strategic partner. Please stop that kind of distrust! It’s discourteous to her!”
“As expected, she is senpai’s partner!?”
“That’s why I am telling you not to be sceptic!”

After that, until everyone returned, I was continuously suspected about the relation with Airia.
Due to that, I could not propose an important proposal, but well let me prepare at my convenience. To a group of magicians, making proposals for siege warfare is impossible to begin with… It’s like even I don’t have any professional expertise.
Although, the scale has become bigger, but the demon army still has insufficient number of capable persons.

In the next audience, I will propose the demon king to develop a siege attack fit for the characteristic of demon army. Definitely.
While making the preparations for the attack, I vowed as such.