Capture Battle of the Industrial City Tuban (Part II)
Chapter 30

Teacher’s lightning attack had a terrifying power. Even from here, it can be seen that the door of the castle gate received severe damage.
At the same time, the remains of Grave Wax soldiers burned up, the great door was blazed aflame.
Fernel jumped delightfully, and raised her spear.
“Yes, oh… “
Hurriedly, I restrained her.

“Wait! The door has not fallen after burning! If it failed, we would be wiped out!”
“Ah, that is also right”
Fernel, turning her head, puts down her spear.
“Forget the one I just said! I will wait a little longer!”
(TN: she’s talking about the hooray!)
All the jinba soldiers, that were ready to charge in, again went back to standby position.
It’s splendid leadership.
Just a little dangerous.

When I looked to the side suddenly, Technical Officer Krutz was observing the situation of Castle gate. This guy, doesn’t he have a telescope or something.
“What a nice thing you have, please lend it to me a little.”
“Do you know what this is, Vaito-dono?”
Ah, damn it. This seems to be the cutting edge tech of this world.
Let me deceive him properly.
“Since you are peeking through it like that, it must be observation equipment. Isn’t it a device to look faraway things by magnifying it with glass panels?”
“I am really surprised. It is exactly like that.”

Borrowing the telescope from the surprised Krutz, when I peeked I found the great door on the verge of collapsing. It’s really is burning.
They are actively pouring sand from the sides on castle wall, but this fire, made of three hundred Grave Wax soldiers’ body fat, cannot be extinguished in that way.
However, there was a single miscalculation.
That too is a fatal miscalculation.

“It is iron lattice…”
Behind the shadows of the crumbing burnt door, a flap door made of iron lattice became visible. They seems to have two fold defense mechanism.
Compared to Ryun Height, this is considerably stronger construction. I am a little envious.
But it really is distressing.
The iron bars cannot be destroyed by burning.

When I relayed what I saw, Fernel made a gloomy face suddenly.
“What to do, senpai!? If this is the case, then don’t we all have to attack with battering rams?”
If you call it the battering ram, it sounds cool, but it is just a log reinforced by iron. It is useless unless it hits several times while being held by many people.
But slow strikes with that big a thing, there surely would be heavy losses.
“Calm down. I was prepared for a time like this.”
I order Kurtz.
“Bring me all of that.”
“All of that!? It’s a large barrel!?”
“That’s fine, hurry..”
Technical Officer Kurtz is currently under my command.
Just like a soldier, he saluted right off the bat and brought the gunpowder barrel with several people carrying it.

The barrel, that took several of the Ryujin Engineers carry it together, I lifted it easily with my werewolf powers. Although half the weight is of the barrel, but it probably is no less than a hundred kilo.
Even though I don’t know anything about gunpowder, but this much should be sufficient.
“I will be back in a while”
“Where are you going, Vaito-dono!?”
“Umm, to blow off the lattice door…”
“You are the commander, right!? Please stop it!”

When I and Fernel are arguing, Fernel calls me out.
“If you want to go, I will lend you my power. Get on.”
“You, aren’t you the supreme commander this time”
“In that case, isn’t senpai the commanding officer of Ryun Height. It is equally absurd.”
On the side, Technical Officer Krutz almost seems to be fainting, but I continued the conversation without a concern.

“I request the fastest among the Jinba soldiers. Who is it?”
When I looked at the lined up Jinba soldiers, all of them looked at Fernel at the same time.
The petite girl proudly puffs her small chests in pride.
“Because, I am the shrine maiden of Jinba race. The title ‘Violent Runner’ is not a lie.”
When I look closely, compared to other Jinba soldiers, her magic power is also manyfolds different.
It seems like, this girl is also a mutation like the Demon King.

When I was pondering over what to do, from Tuban’s side a plosive sound is heard.
It is a signal from Mereen senpai at the north gate. I have also left some Ryujin engineers over there. It seems they shot the Dragon Ball with the dedicated slingshot.
Krutz looking through the telescope, immediately relayed the meaning of the signal.

“‘Enemy’ ‘South’ ‘Main force’… The enemy main forces seem to have headed towards this side!”
Oh, the enemy are coming from the north gate.
Mereen-senpai’s skeleton troops are out of the shooting range of crossbows on the castle wall.
The enemy bow cavalry came from the castle gates while being backed up by the crossbows. East side or west side, which side they might be detouring is unknown.

There is not much time left to be worried.
When I nodded, Fernel raised her spear.
“Divine Protection of Ancestral Spirit!”
Then suddenly, she took off her helmet and threw it away.
Further, she threw off the armor she was wearing.
Finally she even threw off her dress. Her small breasts were exposed, but she’s all smiles.
What, what is starting.

Naked Fernel, holding only the spear and shield, shouted.
“Both wings Defensive Formation! Shooting Battle Formation!”
Without a little bit of disorder, the Jinba soldiers, change ranks. It wouldn’t have been like that for the human cavalry.
Then Fernel, standing at the head of the formation, encourages the soldiers of Jinba race.
“My armor is the gallant soldiers present here! As long as you are here, I won’t die!”

The Jinba soldiers are highly excited. They are not particularly excited because of the breasts, rather they seem to be drunk with the exaltation of being a soldier.
Some strike the quiver, some knock the spear and shield together, and shout.
Speaking of that, I have heard that the Jinbas are a race, who show valour in a reckless manner.
But seriously, I never thought that it would be to become nude after taking off armor in the middle of the battlefield.
“This is the time to show the bravery of the Jinba race! Everyone, let’s work hard~!”
What a brilliant charisma. As one would expect from a commander of Demon army.

Soon, under the cover of dust cloud, the prided bow cavalry of Tuban arrived from both sides of the castle wall.
They intend to do pincer attack left and right.
Since, compared to us, they are overwhelmingly few in number, they would aim to have a surprise attack on the commander.
But we have already inferred the surprise attack beforehand, so we can meet the enemy thoroughly prepared. It is thanks to the Dragon Ball.
“Not yet, not yet~!”
Fernel ordered the soldiers to standby.
The distance gradually becomes smaller, but she still doesn’t move the soldiers.
The enemy bow cavalry prepared their bows on horseback.

At that moment, Fernel shouts.
As it they are a single living being, the units on both side started moving. In the face of flying arrows, they start running towards the castle walls of Tuban.
“Let’s go, senpai!”
Shouldering the gunpowder barrel, I hopped on the back of running Fernel.

I was on guard against the crossbows on castle walls, but thankfully most of the arrows were not shot.
“If they shoot now, it would hit the bow cavalry..”
Attracting the enemy until the limit, we are caught in the middle of castle walls and enemy bow cavalry.
Of course, this is an extremely dangerous situation, but we were able to prevent attacks from the most terrifying fixed type crossbow.
Since the power is too much, even a stray arrow could result in casualties among the bow cavalry.
She is indeed quite thoughtful, isn’t she.

Fernel’s leg strength is completely out of class compared to other Jinba soldiers.
In spite of carrying a werewolf and a gunpowder barrel, she ran steadily leaving behind the other jinba soldiers. It’s a breakneck speed making the breathing difficult in the head wind.
Certainly the title ‘Violent Runner’ is not just for the show.
In the blink of an eye we drew close to the castle gate.

In the outskirts of the castle gate there are many surviving skeleton soldiers.
“Align! Hold the shield aloft!”
After I made the skeleton soldiers to construct a path, I made them form a wall of shields.
Although arrows from the crossbow would come flying, but since I blocked their field of vision with shields, their aim would be random.

Finally the burning castle gate is before my eyes.
“Fernel, once I jump, turn around!”
“I would do something!”
After I shouted, I leaped kicking off her horseback.

In the middle of flying crossbow arrows, I threw the gunpowder barrel aiming at the castle gate.
“Take this also!”
I felt like I saw the momentseeing the fuse lighting up.
A huge explosion occurred.