Four hundred People Killer, Vaito
Chapter 31

In terms of the conclusion, my act was not an reckless one.
To begin with the amount of gunpowder was too much.
Since I can’t face anyone being stingy from failure, so I used all of it, but it seems I overdid it.

For a few moments I seem to have blacked out. When I regained my consciousness, I was lying in front of the castle gate.
The iron lattices are blown away without a trace.
Since some places were rusted, it was probably more fragile than I had thought.
Also, unusually wasteful, all the skeleton soldiers in the vicinity were annihilated. They were blown to pieces.
Had I been a human, I also certainly would have died.

After I destroyed the iron lattices, the plan was to rush in with the skeleton soldiers, but the plan completely went out of order.
If we don’t control the castle gate, then incidentally there would be casualties among the allies at the time of rushing in.
The one that currently could rush in, is only me. There’s no choice but to do it.
Without anymore hesitation, I plunged into the castle gate.

Perhaps, the Jinba soldiers would also rush in immediately. I just have to buy a little time.
That’s why I shouted at the enemy soldiers falling on their butt from the explosion.
“Hear my voice, oh near and far away people! Look with your eyes also, if you come closer! My name is Vaito! I am the commander of Demon Army! Those who don’t want to live regrettable lives, gain fame by killing me!”
I wanted to give my name to the gathered enemies once, but those childish things I practiced in my previous life finally seem to have become useful.

But, the development afterwards was somewhat funny.
Those guys, who looked like civilian soldiers, screamed after hearing my name.
“It’s Vaito, the annihilator!”
“Four Hundred People Killer came out!”
“It’s already over!”
Throwing away their weapons, the soldiers started to run away at full speed.
‘The Annihilator Vaito’, what?

In the end, Tuban capture battle finished because of that.
Hearing rumours like ‘Four Hundred People Killer, Vaito has broken the castle gate’, the citizens and volunteer soldiers escaped from the north gate. Surrounded by the skeleton troops on standby, they surrendered just like that.
But I still haven’t fought with anyone….

In this way, the Jinba troops led by Fernel had captured the Industrial City, Tuban with merely insignificant damages.
“Somehow, it ended quickly!”
Fernel, who put on her clothes in a haste, said while walking with me inside the city.
“You, next time don’t take off your clothes. Other races would be surprised.”
“Is that so!? Rather, I was surprised about that.”
Since it is just after the capture, the Jinba soldiers are strictly escorting us.

Even so, the whispering sounds that could be heard are nothing but fear towards me.
“Oh, that is the General of Werewolves, who singlehandedly killed four hundred…..”
“Apparently he destroyed the castle gate in a single strike…”
“The crossbow troops attacked all together, but it seems the arrows did not get through at all….”
I can hear everything. Because the werewolves have sharp hearing.
But somehow, isn’t there too much of exaggeration in those rumours?

“By the way, senpai, what was that before?”
The thing Fernel is asking, is of course about the ‘Dragon’s Breath’.
Since that is a top class military secret, I can’t tell her about that. Beside me, Krutz is also persistently winking at me as if to say ‘Be silent’.
That’s why I had to answer like this.
“It’s a secret technique of Werewolves”
“It was awesome!”
Thank god, she is an idiot.

At any rate, what is this stinking smell drifting from a little while ago.
To head for the viceroy’s mansion, we came to the plaza.
There I saw something very strange.

Located in a corner of the plaza, there is a space surrounded by iron fences.
A crucifixion stand was installed, and there was an almost decomposed completely dried up corpse pilloried. Perhaps, he is a grave sinner.
If it is only that much, then it is not that unusual.
Even in Ryun Height also, I have heard that at least once in a several years an execution for the crime of murder is carried out.

But my eyes are fixed at the bottom of the crucifixion stand.
There is a man handcuffed and chained.
Around him, food scraps and filth were thrown in, and it made the bizarre smell even stronger.

Just as I stopped my legs, the Jinba soldiers surround the envoy without a little gap.
Fernel also halted, and looked at my face.
“What is it, senpai?”
“…there is something that I want to confirm.”
I went closer to the crucifixion stand.

The clothes, the handcuffed old man was dressed in, had become rags. He might have been hit with stones, there are severe wounds here and there. Because of lack of sanitation, it had festered.
Since his physical strength is already completely run out, the old man lied down without moving with his eyes shut. I barely noticed that he is still breathing.

“Senpai, perhaps someone you know?”
“No… no way!”
Just to make sure, I try calling out the name of the person I remembered.
“Priest Yuhito?”

At that moment, the injured old man opened his eyes slowly.
Although completely changed, unquestioningly those are the eyes of the Ryun Height Radiant Church’s leader, Priest Yuhito.
Oh, he doesn’t even have enough power left to make a sound. Priest Yuhito’s cracked lips only trembled.
Without thinking I pulled out the iron chains.

“Priest Yuhito!”
Uprooting the simple chains easily with my werewolf powers, I threw it away on the stone pavings.
Enduring the nose stabbing stench, I helped up Priest Yuhito. Tearing off the padlocks, I shattered the handcuffs.
“Pull yourself together! What is this!”

Technical Officer Kurtz, who was looking at the notice board nearby, replied.
“Here, ‘Execution of the Traitor Bert, and the status of commanding officer is revoked. The traitor Yuhito is to be pilloried until death’ is written.”
Priest Yuhito should not be a traitor. Rather, we the demon army are the ones who betrayed.

Apparently the Tuban people seem to have forced the responsibilities for the failures of Ryun Height’s liberation on the palace guard captain and Priest Yuhito.
It is natural considering the weight of the responsibility, I can understand the emotions of the citizens of Tuban who lost their comrades.
The act both of them did was illegal to begin with.
But at any rate, isn’t it unnecessary to treat this old man so cruelly.

“Humans, Listen well!”
I howled. The ones hiding here and there hearing me, drew back being frightened. But they should be listening.
“Is this your way of doing things! Arresting an unarmed old man, and shaming him in front of others, are you satisfied with that!”
“Senpai, wait…”
Fernel restrained me, but I shook her off.

“If you want to make him pay for his sins, taking his life is sufficient! Where is the need to do such an ugly thing!”
While shouting, I calmed down a little, and I remembered the discrepancy between my position and claim.
To the last, I have to make it look like a statement from a commander of the demon army.
Let me correct the trajectory of the current situation skilfully.

I continued in a scorning voice.
“But, this is funny! To be satisfied with pillorying a pitiful old man during demon invasion! Thanks to killing off the palace guards captain, the invasion was real easy!”
When I smashed the pillar of crucifixion, the corpse of the palace guard captain also got unshackled.
Looking down at the crucifixion pillar falling on the stone pavement, I laugh.
“Since you are in such a mess, that you people lost to the demons twice! Be afraid! We won’t show any pity towards you!”

At the same time, I have to say something as the ruling commander of Ryun Height.
“This Priest Yuhito was the messenger who received the request of demon army, and he is also the official diplomat of Viceroy Airia of Ryun Height! I consider this an insult to Ryun Height and to the demon army!”
With great trouble, I and Airia guaranteed the social position of Priest Yuhito, it all became meaningless.
This is my responsibility.

After shouting as much as I liked, I made a fleeting glance at Fernel.
“Since I already played the role of villain, you say something suitable like good people. They will fear me, and cling onto you.”
“Ah, oh, I see!”
Making an agreeing expression on her face, Fernel shouted.
“Ah, alright, alright~! The governing here would be done by us, the Jinba race! I won’t let this scaaary werewolf do anything~!”
But she didn’t forget to add this thing after.
“Unless you go against me.”
Like that, it should be fine.

Then the rumours gave birth to more rumours, it didn’t even take half a day to spread across the entire Tuban.
‘Breaking the castle gate with a single kick,”Four Hundred People Killer, Vaito”, contempted the dead, in rage he is going to massacre all the citizens of Tuban’ is the mistaken rumour.
Well, anyway, let me leave this misunderstanding unresolved.