Negotiation Techniques of Fangs and Hooves
Chapter 32

I freed Priest Yuhito under the confusion, and occupied a room at the Viceroy’s mansion.
Unexpectedly, Fernel turned up and asked me.
“That old man, what do you intend do?”
“Since I sent this old man as the envoy of the Demon army, I have the obligation to protect him.”
“Is that so?”

As a matter of fact, there is no such obligation. In this world, it is not that unusual for a messenger to become disposable.
In fact, just now when we suggested surrender of Tuban, the messenger Jinba soldier was killed.
Originally it is a dangerous job.

Viceroy’s servants cleaned Priest Yuhito, however he still doesn’t have power to get up from the bed. Weakness and injuries seem to be the reason for his grave infectious disease.
I wonder, if I should let him die quietly like this.

But, I have the power to save him. Let me do as much as I can.
My healing magic is not very significant, but since I have the basic medical knowledge such as disinfection and the like, the treatment is sufficient.
Because this is probably an infectious disease, the sterilization effect of anti-poison magic or the immunity enhancing effect of body strengthening magic should be helpful.
Later sending in a little bit of magic, I would make it a substitute for IV.
Whether or not you would recover from this, ask it to the god of Radiant church.

Looking at these, Kurtz murmured.
“You are indeed kind, Vaito-dono.”
“Him becoming like this is also partially my responsibility. That’s why I thought, just this once I’ll help him.”
“After you do the treatment, won’t he oppose you again?”
“At that time, I just have to kill.”

Fortunately, my healing magic seems to be adequate. On the night of that day, Priest Yuhito’s condition was stabilized. He started to get better.
Although he is still weak, but with a firm gaze Priest Yuhito looks at me.
“Vaito-dono…. Why here? No, did you captured Tuban?”
“That is correct, Yuhito-dono.”
Taking a deep breath, I continued.
“After you recover a little more, we will return. Be prepared.”

Priest Yuhito seemed surprised. Straightening his body, he asks me a question.
“Return, means…?”
“Aren’t you the Priest of Ryun Height Radiant church? Or else, do you want to spend the rest of your life in Tuban after retirement?”
Although Priest Yuhito’s expression became more and more surprised, still he shook his head looking down.
“No…. this place is not a place I can stay any longer. Let’s return to Ryun Height”

Ordering the skeleton soldiers to guard and monitor Priest Yuhito, I went to see the situation in another room.
I can hear Fernel quarrelling with Tuban’s Viceroy.
“Didn’t you kill my messenger? Do you think you can get normal treatment surrendering this late?”
“That is true, but…”
In my werewolf form, I suddenly entered.
“How is it, the state of the negotiations?”

At that moment, the Viceroy prostrated himself.
“Please forgive me! If only you guarantee my life, I don’t need anything else! Please have mercy!”
Hey you, didn’t you make a crying face just now merely looking at my face?
The Viceroy is the main culprit behind the sufferings of Priest Yuhito, but it is the truth that Priest Yuhito is also a grave sinner. Well, let me overlook that incident.
That’s why, don’t you cry.

The next part of the negotiation proceeded smoothly just by staring at the viceroy and clicking my tongue a little.
Like this almost completely accepting to the conditions set by us, next was to determine how to deal with the Viceroy.
“Senpai, what’s the best thing do, I wonder?”
“I don’t want to have this person, who doesn’t treat the messengers courteously, at the same table.”
When I lightly roared showing my fangs a little, the Viceroy tumbled down from his chair.

When Fernel came closer to the Viceroy resounding her hooves, she thrusted the short spear at him.
With a threatening look, Fernel grumbled in a low voice.
“Because my messenger was also killed. I, also hate you.”
“For my ruling of Tuban, you are unnecessary. Is that fine like that?”
The Viceroy flapping his mouth open and close, frantically nodded multiple times.

Although the Viceroy of Tuban was neither a bad person nor incompetent, but I and Fernel agreed on the view that ‘He cannot be trusted’.
To be associated with the demon army, an ordinary Viceroy is no good.
When he was asked to choose between retiring in Tuban, or to go away to another city, he immediately chose to go away.
If it is a person who forsakes the citizens after losing to fear, we also don’t have any use. It’s fine wherever he goes.
I’d pray that he won’t end up like Priest Yuhito, but even if that happens, please don’t hold a grudge.

All things considered, it was really great that our Airia was exceedingly talented.
Once in a while, let me try to treat her kindly. Let me take something famous from Tuban as souvenirs.
The fixed type crossbows I seized or the book on the cavalry drill, which might be to her liking?

Since I can’t be absent from Ryun Height for much time, I decided to return with Kurtz and the others of the Dragon Flame Mechanic Division as soon as possible.
Because all the skeleton soldiers at the southgate have blown off, I would return with the half I had left at the north gate. It’s a thousand of them.
It’s fine if Teacher provides me with reserved soldiers, but it indeed is unreasonable….

The remaining thousand skeleton soldiers are guarding the important points like the Viceroy’s mansion and the castle gate. I guess, this might seem like nightmares to the citizens, but the Jinba soldiers are not much fond of the town area.
For a while Mereen-senpai will stay here, and look after Fernel.
Also there is Teacher. Let me check up on her a little.

In a room of the Viceroy’s mansion, Mereen-senpai is looking over the important documents of Tuban. Beside that, there was a bed, and Teacher was lying down there.
“Mereen-senpai, what is Teacher’s condition?”
“As you see, she is sleeping well. I think, she will wake up in a few days.”
At the time of Tuban capture, Teacher had continuously used powerful magics for healing or protection, she had squandered all her power.
Currently showing an innocent sleeping face, she is wheezing cute breaths in her sleep.

Teacher’s body has been weakened, and without magic, she can’t even make her heart beat.
The reason seems to be the fact that once she almost got killed, when she was a human very long ago. From that moment onwards, the time had stopped for Teacher’s body.
That being the case, if she consumes too much of her magic power, it even puts burden on her normal daily life activities, and she completely becomes dormant for a while.
This appears to be complicated magic theory, but I roughly interpret it as ‘HP and MP are one’.
I don’t know if I’m right.
I really am an unworthy disciple.

Two days later, entrusting the rest of the things to Mereen-senpai, I decided to hurriedly return to Ryun Height.
Because Priest Yuhito is still not in a condition to walk, I let him sleep in the carriage of Ryujin troops.
Behind the Carriage, family members of Priest Yuhito and his former disciples followed. Because they are wishing to emigrate to Ryun Height, I decided to take them with me.
Somehow, it seems they were secretly helping Priest Yuhito. Otherwise, he would not have survived in that situation.
Most of the disciples are artisans in the workshops or former soldiers, if I take them back, they might be helpful with something.

Well, let me hurry up and return. I am concerned about Ryun Height.
There would be a lot of paperwork in the office. I don’t want to return yet…. No, no, I can’t think like that either.
“All troops, we will return to Ryun Height!”
The thousand skeleton troops and the twenty four of the Dragon Flame Mechanic Division, together with the asylum seekers, I safely returned to Ryun Height.

Lastly, let me add that I was senselessly scolded by Faan-oneechan that ‘you attacked again!?’.