“Mereen-senpai’s Entwined Sake”
Chapter 33

(Mereen POV)

Fer! Fernel! Come here a little.
It’s fine, it’s fine, those paperworks. Later I would look over it in a flash.
Hey, sit here.
Yes, pour me alcohol.
Hmm, that’s good.

Good work today also. … that’s right, from what I have observed, the humans are being obedient. It’s your ability, right. It’s fine, don’t be embarrassed.
If there is an imprudent fellow, I would turn him into a vampire and make him obey. Hmm, don’t worry.
Well, saying ‘Let me bring Ryun Height’s Vaito-senpai here for a little….’ like Fer is also a good scourge.

Ah, hmm. Certainly, I feel like you are relying on Vaito’s power a bit too much. But, that’s fine, isn’t it? Using your senpai skillfully, grow up strong.
But, I feel like that Vaito somehow rapidly grew up on his own.
Perhaps, I was undependable?

Ah, that’s right. Since it’s the perfect opportunity, let me tell you.
Although I think it’s a troublesome time for Jinba race as well, but it’s not that easy to handle Vampires also.
Ah, thanks for filling the glass.

I became a Vampire hundred…. ah, nothing, just a little while back.
At that time the Vampires were awesome. They were strong soldiers like Werewolves, and furthermore with only their gaze, they could control humans at will.
Even before that, they were even stronger. Flying in the air, transforming into fog, they were really invincible.

Huh, yes you are right! We are steadily becoming weaker and weaker.
The current us can neither fly in the air, nor control humans with a gaze. Well, we are almost invincible, and also have resistance to sunlight and holy symbols, but that is all.
While we sat on our asses with the power we were born with, we became completely weak.

But, thinking that there is no future for Vampires like this, I started studying magic at Teacher’s place. There I met with Vaito. At that time, he was very little, and also very cute.
But, that guy, when he heard my worries, he said,

that ‘Degeneration is also one kind of Evolution’.

At first, I thought ‘what is this kid saying?’. Werewolves were continually strong from the beginning, so they had it easy.
However, if you think carefully, the Old Vampires were completely and utterly destroyed by the humans, but we, the New Vampires, are mostly fine.
Passing through the castle gate carved with holy symbols, we can run away in the daytime boldly. This is a feat the Old Vampires could never perform.
Certainly, just as much we got weaker, our tenacity has evolved.

That’s why, judging him as a worthy junior disciple, I planned to take care of him all the way.
But, that guy, sometimes says things with no meaning. This one time, something like Tutors…
Yes, at the time you were there, was it ‘Native American….’ ?
I wonder, if it is a language of Werewolves?

Well, thanks to that I could envision a future for Vampires.
Thanks to the training I did at Teacher’s place, I came to know that Vampires have talent for spirit techniques.
As for me, I can create five… seven… no, ten Skeleton soldiers in a day! I can!
After I made the other Vampires from my family train at Teacher’s place, in a day we were able to make several times more Skeleton soldiers. Perhaps it might be a little difficult to understand for you, but the moment you can make Skeleton soldiers, you are a first class spirit technique user.
…err, well if Teacher has a day, she can create about a hundred Skeleton soldiers, but that is something ridiculous.

Anyway, in this era, it is useless unless the Vampires also learn a vocation.
Vaito says it all the time, but it’s good to discard your past self somewhere.
The yesterday’s sun will not rise again. I wonder, if you understand?

Yes, the serious talk is finished! Fer, say something funny!
You have, right. Something like love stories.
I know already, you are also interested in Vaito, right?

Eh!? It’s different, I only think of him as a younger brother. Really, for real.
I mean… that guy, kind of dull, right….?
It is impossible for him unless he reincarnates once.

Well, I am cheering for you. If you have something, consult with this beautiful Mereen-sama. Oneesan is really kind?
Ah, paperwork, right. Umm,hmm, tomorrow I will do it.
Is tomorrow no good?