Dawn at Ryun Height
Chapter 34

After that, for a while I was busy governing Ryun Height.
I want to go to the Demon King for reporting and consultation, but I feel awkward to ask Teacher, who is still not in her normal condition. I want to let her rest a little bit more.
Instead, making use of Technical Officer Kurtz’s subordinate as a communication officer, only the written report has been sent.

Lunchtime at the office.
“I was saved because Kurtz-dono was here. Had it been the Werewolf troops or the Inujin troops, they would not be able to explain the contents of the report properly if questioned.”
To Technical Officer Kurtz, with whom I completely got along, I was offering skewers I bought at the food cart. As always, the sweet sauce is very delicious.
“I personally like the taste of the food carts here. I hope it suits your taste.”
“It is very delicious.”
Like a carnivorous species, Technical Officer Kurtz also eats a lot.
“This sweet sauce, I think it will go quite good with grasshopper rice also.”
“….that’s right”
They really love bugs, the Ryujin race.

After eating a few pieces of roasted chicken skewer, Kurtz drank my treasured green tea and earnestly said.
“Being a trade city, the food culture here is rich. What is this flavoring?”
“This is distilled soya bean flavored liquid with salty-sweet seasoning.”
I am honestly happy that the fans of soy sauce flavor increased in another world.
But as I thought, the taste is sublimely a little different.

Kurtz nodding hmm, hmm, replies.
“Maybe his Majesty the Demon King might also like this flavour. Can’t you please tell me about the food cart retailer? For some compensation ask him to turn it over.”
(TN: The author seems to be talking about the compensation for sweet sauce recipe. Another possible translation can be: Let us have him sell it for some compensation.)
Technical Officer Kurtz really was a close associate of the Demon King.
If he knows about the Demon King’s palate , then he must be a considerably close associate.
I have to be careful about my remarks…..

“This non-fermented tea also is fragrant, and very interesting. I would also like to present this to his Majesty the Demon King. Is that fine?”
“Ah, it’s good if he likes it.”
Honestly it hurts a little to send it away, but not being too much stingy, let me present this tea caddy.
Well, I still have three hidden.

Taking a breath of relief, Kurtz looks at the drifting steam of the tea inside the office room.
“That’s right, I have already picked samples of soil from various places of Ryun Height and Tuban. Sending those to Glenstadt, I have plans to analyse the composition.”
“You can do that?”
“It’s a traditional technique like the Technical Officers with a strong palate decide the taste, but… maybe we will find some valuable mineral source.”
Their approach is scientific, but the technology has not caught up yet.

After that, Kurtz and I sent off the Ryujin Technical Officers carrying the written report.
Please carefully deliver that sweet sauce and green tea to the Demon King.
Glory to the Japanese food.

Meanwhile, Priest Yuhito has recovered and is doing well.
However, since the time, he was pilloried, was longer, it seems his legs and loins have weakened. He became unable to walk without a stick.
I sometimes go and visit him in the breaks between official work, but because of the bitter experiences his heart has become weak.

“Is it fine for a sinner like me to be alive….. I am a old man who let a lot of my fellow brethren die, and brought only misfortunes.”
Because Priest Yuhito suddenly said such a thing, I thought a little.

Even in this world where magic exists, the dead humans can never be resurrected.
If I request Teacher, she can revive any number of them, but the ones revived are just the dolls of the dead without memories or wills. Those would not be the person when they were alive.
If one uses reincarnation magic, theoretically one can reincarnate after death, but since they lose their memories, the effectiveness is not verified. There is not much meaning.
However much may one regret, the dead won’t come back.

That’s why after a long period of thinking, I could only say this much.
“Certainly you and I have killed four hundred of the Tuban soldiers.”
Mine was as military service and his was a criminal act, but well I won’t say it.
“I am not regretting that, but if you are regretting about it, then you just have to save that many lives.”
This is the way of the Demon army.
It’s fine to repent for the failure with an achievement of an equal merit.

Priest Yuhito staring at me, nodded a little.
“Equal number of lives, is it..”
“If you are not satisfied with four hundred, it’s fine save eight hundred or four thousand. The sin will never disappear, but it’s better than dying without even saving anyone.”
When I stood up, Priest Yuhito bowed.
“Recovering soon, I want you to return to the coordination of the Radiant Church. They are anxious.”
With those words, I left the hospital.
Was it a little cold.
Well, that’s fine.

Then, Priest Yuhito returned to the temple’s job, but it seems his tone has changed with respect to before.
Before he was a totalitarian who boasted of intense peer pressure, but yesterday’s sermon was like this.
“I was naive. The people with the same sense of values, and the same morals cooperating doesn’t exceed the wisdom of humans. The wisdom of God is, something more profound. Because the sun shines equally above people with different sense of values, different morals also …”

Though I don’t clearly get it, it seems Priest Yuhito has called for the coexistence with the demons and the heretics.
I don’t know about the change of mental state, but due to that the Radiant Church believers of Ryun Height became completely quiet.
Because wherever they go, they are received kindly, so even the violent Werewolves also are in a good mood recently.

Suddenly I realised, there were no forces left in Ryun Height who possess hostility towards the Demon army.
The palace guards and Radiant Church also are cooperating currently.
And this would bring about a new development.

“Vaito-dono. I have a little consultation to do, but can I have a little time?”
When the Viceroy Airia came to my office, it was already the evening.
After I signed the last document, I offered her a seat.
“Don’t be so formal, what kind of consultation?”

Then Airia unusually hesitated, but then said with resolution.
“I am thinking of making Ryun Height independent from Mirarudia.”
I stood up without thinking, looked at her face intently.
Are you sane?

We, the Demon army, have completely occupied Ryun Height.
To the last, we are only occupying it, and Ryun Height still is a member of Mirarudia alliance. In short, it’s the hostage of the Demon army, and we the Demon army are like terrorist group who has illegally occupied this territory.
Unfortunately, we the Demon army are neither a regular army nor a country of humans.

Since the Demon army has occupied the neighboring territories, the hope of Ryun Height being freed lies only with the Mirarudia Alliance main forces.
But if Ryun Height becomes independent from Mirarudia, then the rescue will not come anymore.
On the contrary, it would end up making enemy of all the cities in Mirarudia.

When I was wondering what to answer, Airia continued.
“The independence and at the same time, I want Ryun Height to formally enter into an alliance with the Demon army.”
“No, wait wait..”
I am thankful for your suggestion, but I can’t help but worry about Airia.

“However much of a Viceroy you maybe, can such a decision be made at your discretion alone? Isn’t it better to think it over calmly?”
“In that case, it’s alright.”
Airia took out a bunch of letter from her pocket.
“All the Trade Associations, Radiant Church, Stillmoon shrine, Ryun Height Palace Guards. And all the organizations other than those, are all officially in agreement with the Ryun Height Independence.”

I was surprised with the development, but thinking over it after I calmed down, I consented.
Currently, the possibility for the Mirarudia Alliance to free Ryun Height is exceedingly low.
In that case, the sooner they change the sides with the Demon army the better it is.
Currently I am ruling Ryun Height, but if the commander changes after I die, the objective of governance would also change.
But, as an independent city-state, if they form an alliance with Demon army, Ryun Height would be peaceful in future.
Having said that… it’s very bold.

“You thought properly about such a gamble”
When I said being astonished, Airia put the bunch of letters on the table.
“Ryun Height is a trade city, a town of merchants. After weighing the risks and rewards, at the end I would make a decision for gains.”
“The result of that is this absurd proposal, is it”
Thereupon Airia showed a troubled smile.

“You are the one who made everyone to think like that, Vaito-dono”
Am I?
“Looking at your capture policy, everyone decided that the Demon army can be trusted. If Vaito-dono were to become the mediator, we can certainly get along well with the Demon army.”

I agree with this logically, but I still have some hesitations over the decision.
Then Airia, with a low voice, whispered softly in my ears.
“As the first city-state to ally with the Demon army, please let us drink the sweet juices forever?”
Oh, is it like that.
Quite the villain, she is.

In that case, I also, as the Vice commander of Demon army third division, do what should be done.
“The independence and the alliance are the prior investment towards the Demon army, isn’t it. Got it. Considering it as my responsibility, I will report it to the Demon King-sama.”
When I extended my hand, Airia grabbed it back.
It was a refreshing smile.