“Technical Officer Kurtz’s Report”
Chapter 35

(Kurtz POV)

■Sixth Periodic Report (A-Class Secret)■
Submitter: Dragon Flame Mechanic Troops Special Technical Officer Kurtz

Since the results of investigation has been cohesive to a certain extent, although it is incomplete, I am presenting this report.

■ State of Affairs of Ryun Height
The governance of Ryun Height is extremely favorable. The public order as well as business is preserved at the highest quality, and there is no disorder at all.

To my surprise, Ryun Height Palace Guards are helping with the maintenance of public order. They are retaining neutrality as their public position, but practically they are in a cooperative relationship with the Demon army.
How this is possible, we, the Technical Officers, debated and analyzed it many times amongst ourselves, but have yet to reach to any conclusion.

Public sentiment is not bad, and many of them are favorable towards the Demon army.
It seems, the Werewolf troops and the Inujin troops respecting Ryun Height’s laws and the morals of society, particularly deemed significant.

As for the character evaluation of the Viceroy Airia, I must wait for the upcoming investigation, but I can infer that she is a person loyal to her duties.
Please wait for the additional report.

■ Tuban Capture Battle
Because the strength of Tuban’s castle gate was more than assumed, the plan to burn down the castle gate with the Grave Wax soldiers and the Lightning magic failed.

The fact that the main force, the Jinba soldiers are weak at battles inside the town, and the other main force Skeleton soldiers are poor at assaulting, narrowed the choices of strategy, can’t be denied.

But acting on Aide Vaito’s second plan, we succeeded in breaking through the castle gate. With a little personnel loss, Tuban was captured.

However as a result, all of the ‘Dragon’s Breath’ reserved for the manufacturing of the ‘Dragon Ball’ was lost entirely. Immediately I request for additional support.
The following problems could be observed in Aide Vaito’s action.

・The ‘Dragon’s Breath’ which should be carefully handled was stuffed inside difficult to handle large barrel.
・Prior experiment was not performed.
・Without establishing safe handling process, the commander himself made use of it.
・Using the secret weapon ‘Dragon’s Breath’ without any concealment.

These can be considered as the differences in the thinking of a Technical Officer and a Military Officer, but I strongly wish for the Technical Officer to handle things hereafter.
However, this being the first data regarding destruction of castle gate with ‘Dragon’s Breath’, can be considered to definitely have a large contribution towards weapons development hereafter.

Currently, the Tuban residents hold an abnormal amount of fear towards Aide Vaito, and there are not any hostile acts against the Demon army at all.

Furthermore, as an experiment when three of the prisoners of the war from bow cavalry were told that ‘Aide Vaito is calling’, immediately all of them fell into an extreme state of panic.
Since they need a lot of time to calm down and recovery after that, from a humane point of view, I decided to stop these psychological experiments.

In relation to the above, results of an additionally conducted investigation are the names that the Tuban citizens have given to Vaito, which I have confirmed from several Technical Officers.

・Four Hundred People Killer Vaito
・The Annihilator Vaito
・Castle Gate Destroyer Vaito
・Skeleton King Vaito
・Werewolf General Vaito
・The Setting Sun, Vaito

Regarding the last name, I guess the origin lies in the fact that Vaito had dispatched the Radiant Church Priest as a messenger in the past.

■ New Weapon
When Aide Vaito was given the explanation of ‘Dragon Ball’, he was clearly disappointed at first.
But soon, he saw through the fact that this is a tool for information transmission. Putting it to use right away in actual fight in the Tuban capture battle, we succeeded in avoiding the surprise attack of enemy bow cavalry.
Regarding this, among the Dragon Flame Technical Officers, this has gained a significant assessment.

Also, regarding the prototype Telescope, he immediately saw through that this was a observation equipment, and adequately put it to use.
Excelling in both insight and comprehension, he can be considered a person with flexible thinking.

■ Postscript
I have picked up an interesting sample. As I have attached with the report, please receive it from the communication officer.
The grievances of Technical Officer Kurtz are based on the received impressions. I take this opportunity to offer my thanks. Thank you very much.

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