The Real Aide
Chapter 36

In my next regular reporting, I conveyed the proposal from Airia to the Demon King.
“Hmm, I see…”
This is the Demon King’s office, and there is no one other than me. Surprisingly it is a simplistic small room.
The Demon King nodded a little, and muttered.
“It is a bold proposal, but it suits reasons as well as benefits. Looks believable, Baito, what is your opinion?”
It’s not Baito by the way…”

I Immediately, in order to persuade the Demon King, opened my mouth.
“So far from the sequence of events, Ryun Height’s Viceroy Airia possesses rational thinking, and can be judged as wise and sincere.”
Of course these are my true feelings. I unmistakably think that she has Viceroy’s caliber.
“Further, our army has favorable relations with the various forces of Ryun Height, the possibility of occurrence of a fatal problem can be considered low with this alliance.”
Since the most problematic Palace Guards and Radiant Church became meek, there are no big obstacles.

The Demon King was listening to my views silently, but soon he nodded deeply.
“This is a proposal with huge benefits for our Army. But this affects the future of the Demon army, so I must examine it carefully.”
Of course, a little time is needed, isn’t it…

The Demon King, turning pages of the report, asked.
“At the time of Tuban capture, I heard that you used all the ‘Dragon’s Breath’. Is there any discrepancy?”
As expected it got exposed.
Straightening my back, flusteredly I answered.
“Since the success or failure of the strategy was going to affect the situation, to be absolutely sure, I used the entire amount.”
Actually, if we could not broke through the castle gate there, then we would not have captured. I am not regretting the fact that I have used the gunpowder barrel.
I accept that I overdid things.

I thought the Demon King would get angry, but he just nodded silently.
“Very well. However, this being a top secret, and also the best operational procedures are not established yet, so for the time being, abstain from using this strategy. Is that good?”
“Instead, from now on, I will hasten the research on castle siege war.”
Oh, I am really thankful for that.

“Regarding the usage of ‘Dragon Ball’, I have received the report. Since the effectiveness was confirmed in a real battle, you can continue research under the Dragon Flame Mechanic Division.”
“I am grateful for the blessings.”
If I can use those fireworks, then some sophisticated tactics can be practicable. I am also thankful for this.
The Demon King got up from the large chair, and muttered looking at the scenery from the window.
“The plants inside the fog also have a fresh color.”
“Oh it’s almost summer. Speaking of fireworks, it should be summer.”
“It’s just as you said.”
Gleefully, I deeply nodded.

Isn’t it strange?

Turning around, the Demon King is staring at me.
『What is fireworks, Vaito!』
“Yes, that is…..”
『Those things i did supply to thou art Dragon Balls. Then what is fireworks?』
“Fireworks is….”
At that moment, I realized an outrageous thing.

From a little while ago, the Demon King is speaking in japanese.
『Thee understandeth Japanese, right, Vaito!』
The Demon King addressing me in fluent japanese, pronounced my name correctly as ‘Vaito’.
I don’t understand anything anymore.

No, I understand exactly.
The Demon King is also a Japanese, same as me.
“Perhaps, your Majesty, the Demon King is…..”
Being careful thoroughly, I asked in this world’s language, but the Demon King no longer paying any attention to it, answered in japanese.
『That’s right! I am a reincarnated person. Same as thee.』
I shouted instantaneously.
“What’s that!?”

Offering the confused me to sit, he said in japanese.
『Alloweth me to talketh in order. Sitteth for a while, and won’t thee listen to mine own story』
When the dumbfounded me, sat on the chair, the Demon King said 『I knoweth not if the Japan thou speaketh of and the Japan where I wast, were whether the same period, or the same world or not』 as preface and spoke in this manner.

When the Demon King was reincarnated in this world, the conflicts amongst the Ryujin clans were becoming more severe. The cause were the humans.
For the development of mines, the humans drove away the Ryujins living in the mountains. As a result, the clans, who became refugees, invaded the mountains where other clans lived, and it became a dispute.

Fearing this, the Demon King with a large military force as the background, united the entire Ryujin race. The united Ryujins finally succeeded in recapturing their old home from the humans.
Then, to protect all the surviving demons, he formed the Demon army and brought in other demon races.

Although in the past there were many heroes of the demon race, who were called the Demon King, but the one who organised the modern army for the first time was only the current Demon King Frieden Richter.
With an efficient organization system, the fights with humans were succession of Victories. Using new tactics which were not yet established, at a stretch he raised the Demon army to an invincible combat group.
That would have been like that. Because he has the knowledge from his previous life.
…..Damn it, that seems fun.

『I couldst not arriveth at the conclusion that there art other reincarnated persons. Engrossed in the war day after day, there wast no such a scope too. But then, thee hath appeared.』
In the beginning, the Demon King did not recognize me and thought of me only as an excellent subordinate.
Since he is not very good at pronouncing my name, when he inadvertently called me as ‘Baito’, I made an unpleasant face, there I caught his eye a little.

Though, if someone is not called by their correct name, anyone would be unpleasant.
Thinking like that, the Demon King forgot about that immediately.
After that, it seems he practiced so that he could pronounce it correctly.
『You sure are more hard worker than I expected, Demon King-sama』
『Since I feel guilty towards the subordinates who putteth their lives on the line….』

He felt the genuine problem, when I tried to make gunpowder.
『Dragon’s Breath… I mean gunpowder. When I did learn that thee did want to mix that, I felt something unexpected』
If a modern person becomes a soldier after reincarnated in another world, at first he would certainly try to do that.
There is no way of not being suspected.
At times, deliberately calling my name ‘Baito’, he observed my reaction.

But, this time also the Demon King could not reach the conclusion.
If he is the disciple of the Great Sage Gomoviroa, it is not strange to realize the preparation of gunpowder.
『Besides, I becameth concerned about the existence of reincarnated beings, not very much because of the nostalgia of mine own previous life. It is to seeketh the excellent personnel with advanced knowledge and sense of values closer to me. Therefore, hadst thee did fail in capturing Ryun Height, I did plan on forgetting those things.』
As the Demon King also, he was sufficiently interested, but because of a personal interest, he couldn’t give special treatment, so he was watchfully waiting the entire time.

『But then, thee did accumulate achievements one after the other. Particularly the contributions in winning over various forces of Ryun Height, and Tuban capture art most wondrous.』
I didn’t realize at all, but with this my fame has already became steadfast.
On the desk, the Demon King placed the tea caddy, I recognize, and a pot with familiar smell. Those are the green tea and the sweet sauce.

『These art the green tea and soy sauce sent by Technical Officer Kurtz. Now, it is too much to just be a coincidence.』
『No way! your Majesty, were you investigating my background using him?』
『That’s not right. To aid thee thoroughly, I hath used the excellent Technical Officer Kurtz. At the same time, I also did want to make the Ryujins learn about thy governing methods.』
As I suspected, Technical Officer Kurtz was an important close associate of the Demon King.
Technical Officer Kurtz observed my behavior as expected by the Demon King, and it seems he even sent those as reports.

『But I still have questions even now. Thee, wherefore aren’t thee interested in mine background at all?』
『Even I can’t possibly know.』
But the Demon King speaks mysteriously with a serious look.
『Isn’t it obvious looking at mine name?』

『Your Majesty Demon King’s name… Frieden Richter, is it?』
『That’s right. In german, it means the mediator of peace. To not let myself drowneth in power, as a warning to myself, I am calling myself as such.』
At the very least make it english please.
『The names of Ryujin race sounds more like German. At the hour I named myself as the Demon King, I couldst not help but doth so.』
Since I didn’t react to the Demon King’s name, the Demon King was troubled to the end whether I was a reincarnated person or not.
Do you get it, that kind of thing.

『With all due respect your Majesty,』
『Since this is all so sudden, somehow my feelings are in a disarray…』
When I timidly said that, instead of getting angry the Demon King, made an excuse in a rather apologetic voice.
『Well, wait, doth thee get mine standpoint?』
『I understand your position more than anything, but calling out the reincarnated persons in the Demon Army, or to appeal the reincarnated persons with more easy to understand way, weren’t there these methods?』

The Demon King cleared his throat forcefully.
『Wait wait, that wast because thee wast unfamiliar with German. This much is the maximum amount of compromise for me.』
Is that so?
『If it becomes widely known, that I am a reincarnated person and am looking for other reincarnated persons, it would be a troublesome matter. Pretending that they are reincarnated person from some different world, there would be people who would tryeth to curry favor with me. To not let the power of the King be abused, I must at each moment be vigilant.』
I see.
Somehow it seems, being a king requires to have more cautious conduct than we thought.

I understood the situation in general, but my feelings are not settled yet. I am still a little bit confused.
Perhaps that was shown in my expressions, the Demon King bowed to me.
『Forgive me for various things. It wast mine own ineptitude…. Nay, I wast afraid. To ascertain who thee exactly art.』
『Ah, no, it’s not absurd at all. Your Majesty’s position, as a novice I sympathize with you.』
Looking at the apologetic face of the usually dignified Demon King, I feel humbled.
Of course, I want the Demon King to have frightening amount of dignity.

『Well, let’s get down to business. I, being a demon, wanteth to protect the demons from humans. But because I wast a human previously, I can’t bringeth myself to misprise humans. If I can, I wanteth to maketh a state whither Humans and Demons can coexist.』
After the Demon King stood up, he stepped up close to me.
『I won’t ask, who thee wast in thy previous life or how thee hath spent thy lifetime. I also don’t have any particular intention to divulge into those. Just that, if it is thee, thee couldst understandeth mine troubles. Fighting along side me, won’t thee grant me this extraordinary dream?』
In that case, the answer is already decided.
Standing up from my chair, I kneeled down on one knee in front of the Demon King.

『I am also currently a part of the demon race, a Werewolf. To abate this world off of the useless bloodbath of the humans and demons, please use me from now on.』
『Your loyalty, I accept anew…… Thank you, Vaito』
On my shoulders, the Demon King put his massively heavy hand.
『Regarding the matters of Ryun Height, since I already knoweth that thou art a reincarnated person, I can entrust thee with peace of mine mind. Let us welcome Viceroy Airia as our sworn ally. I would decide the particulars on at a later date after having a meeting. Particulars shall be decided at a later date upon further meeting.』
Oh, yes. She will also be happy.

『Of course, thee has to work harder from now on. I expect a lot from thee.』
『Yes! Strangely, my feelings are not sorted out yet, but I would do my best!』
『You seem surprisingly particular about it…』
When the Demon King smiled wryly, I also cramped up a laugh.
『Well, fine, curse me later. Even so, during dinner together, let us have you hear the stories of my hardships.』
『Yes, certainly.』

(TN: If you still have not figured it out, the square brackets are the ones where the dialogues are in Japanese. While the other ones are in the other world language)
(TN: Demon King speaks in somewhat archaic Japanese dialect. So we have written those dialogues into somewhat shakespearean. Hopefully it will be understandable to our non-english readers. Please don’t imitate while speaking ;P .)