Preparation for the War
Chapter 38

Thus Ryun Height became separated from the city-state alliance Mirarudia, and formed an alliance with the Demon army.
In fact, Ryun Height is the ‘Capital City’ of the Demon army.
That’s why we have to improve the facilities and defense mechanisms in the city.
The feeling is like Castle Building Simulation.
However, the lives are on the line.

“Then, what will you do as the first act?”
Before the heat of Ryun Height’s independence subsided, on the next day itself Airia and I were having discussion about the future.
At any rate, Ryun Height is the traitor for Mirarudia. If we slowly do the things, then it would be attacked.
I decided to put into effect a plan I had previously thought.
“Let’s expel the hindering citizens.”
Airia stared in wonder.

he citizens I am talking about here, of course, are not all the citizens.
“There might be citizens who were opposing the independence of Ryun Height, also weren’t there citizens holding animosity towards the Demon army?”
“Although I think the numbers won’t be that much, but certainly there would be some.”
Everyone is different, it impossible to have the same opinion.

Then I granted all the citizens the freedom to leave Ryun Height. If you don’t like it, then you can leave anytime you want.
Around a hundred people immediately responded to this. Since the population of Ryun Height is three thousand, it’s about 3%.
Although there would be several other people who are still hesitating, but for now it’s only this much.

Airia is lonesomely seeing off the citizens leaving Ryun Height with their luggage.
“I hope they find their migration point safely…”
“I have made arrangements whenever they come back, if it’s no good, then they can live in Ryun Height again.”

After the matter of Priest Yuhito, I revised my view of Humans of this world.
The Humans of this world don’t trust the fellow countrymen once involved with the Demons.
Of course, everyone is not the same, but some percentage of the people who left would come back after failing to settle down.

At that time, to let them live in Ryun Height, it has been decided that the Demon army would take care of their house and fields. We would buy the houses of those people and once they return they can buy it back for the same price.
Since there would be people who would come back broke, so interest-free installments are also acceptable.
If we do it like this, when they return, incidentally they will know at once. At that time, let’s have them inform about the situation outside.

But, if possible, I want them to settle down somewhere.
Since they are not in much favour for the Demon army, they would probably spread hateful rumours about the Demon army. Like we are violent, or arrogant.
In that case, the citizens of that city would feel uneasiness towards the Demon army.
Since our aim is to gain total control of all the cities of Mirarudia someday, at that time I plan to use the image, ‘The Frightening Demon army’, to its maximum.
Just like Mafia….

“Your face is like conspiring something evil, Vaito-dono”
“I won’t deny, Airia-dono”
Well then. Driving off troublesome people and strategic arrangements for the future are done, so let’s get down to the next plan.
I must make Ryun Height much bigger and stronger.

“If we rebuild the castle walls, then it would be defenseless during construction. If possible, I want to leave the old castle walls as it is, and make a new wall on the outside.”
I made this request to the group of engineers.
The engineers, who are listening, are a mixed team of Humans and Inujins.
The Human side are the Radiant believers who came from Tuban with Priest Yuhito, and they are cooperating in development of Ryun Height following Priest Yuhito’s instruction.

The leader of the Tuban Skill Division, a middle-aged man, nodded to my words. He is named Azure. He is Priest Yuhito’s son-in-law.
“Given the construction time, I think it is agreeable. The castle walls of Ryun Height have high value culturally and historically, and it’s not a good idea to destroy it.”
Is it like that. I don’t know exactly, but if it has cultural significance, then suddenly it becomes precious.

Then, Azure added this further.
“An investigation of surrounding ground is required, and since it would circularly surround Ryun Height, it would be quite large construction work. We will take care of making plans promptly, but the construction time would be in years. Is that fine?”
“Partially constructed castle walls are the perfect shields for enemies….”
I wonder if we should have declared independence after constructing it beforehand….
I brooded over it, but in any case it was impossible to build.
“If we don’t build it now, eventually the day of regret will come. Start constructing from the east side.”
For a while, putting effort in diplomacy and intelligence, let me avoid decisive battles between armies.

Like this, I steadily engaged in the demonic remodelling of Ryun Height, but there were other things to do as well.
The Demon King’s castle, Glenstadt.
As usual, I was sent by Teacher, and when I visited the castle for reporting, as always, Aide Bartz comes from the other side.
“Vaito-dono, his Majesty can’t be found.”

The Demon King Frieden Richter, is a busy leader.
We are dependent on Demon King-sama not only for military affairs, but also for domestic affairs. Demon King-sama has a certain knowledge as a reincarnated person, and on top of that everyone follows Demon King-sama’s words.
There are countless requests and applications arrived from various departments of the Demon army, one could lose oneself trying to deal with those.

Aide Bartz, whose bravery resounds on the battlefield, is loitering around holding a bunch of documents.
“It’s troublesome. There are some reports that need to be looked into immediately, but I don’t know the whereabouts of his Majesty.”
“Ah, if that is the case…”
I think for a little bit.
If I remember correctly, yesterday while drinking green tea, he was saying something.

[I has’t not encountered real fight for a long time now, so I can’t help but feel like the movement of mine body hast become dull]
[There is no one who can keep up with your majesty’s movements]
[No no, as a military person, if I am negligent in training, I can’t exemplify to my subordinates.]

Hmm, perhaps that’s the case.
“I think he is in the parade ground.”
“Oh, I am saved!”
Just as I thought, Demon King-sama was rampaging violently against the new recruits of Ryujin race on the parade ground inside the castle.
“Don’t mind me, everyone come at me together.”

The new recruits holding poles for spearmanship practice, around thirty people surrounded Demon King-sama and thrusted at once.
But, turning over his large body, Demon King-sama easily jumped over that encirclement.
By the time he lightly landed, three of the new recruits are wavering. They received a blow from Demon King-sama after he jumped. When did he do that?
After that it was mostly an one-sided fight.

Looking down at the new recruits who fell unsightly, Demon King-sama is heaving a sigh.
No, please praise them well because they fought this bravely against Demon King-sama. If those were human soldiers, then they would be running around screaming.
“I could not jump as higher as I thought…. I have grown dull”
That is, is it.

“Your Majesty, urgent documents”
Demon King-sama quickly perused the documents Bartz handed over.
“Hmm…. alright, in the afternoon I will start a temporary war council. Call the officers in charge.”
Aide Bartz ran off after saluting.

After that, Demon King-sama gives pointers to each of the new recruits.
I am a complete amateur in spearmanship, so I don’t know, but it’s quite an enthusiastic coaching.
“Everyone, you have worked hard. Please make even more effort so that you can manifest those moves in real fights.”
After encouraging the new recruits who have become stiff in nervousness, Demon King-sama turns towards me.
I have a bad premonition.

“Vaito. If it is you, can I do some training a bit more closer to the real fight?”
“I would like to refrain.”
It’s not a joke. He is more agile compared to me, a Werewolf, and he has more power than the Kyojin race. With such a thing, how am I supposed to fight.
“Besides I am a specialist in hand-to-hand combat, the sword master Bartz-dono is more suitable. Because the humans are armed.”
“Hmm, I see.”
Forgive me, Aide Bartz.

Be that as it may, I wonder what was the reason for temporary war council?