Roaring Kyojin
Chapter 39

It was decided that I would also participate in the emergency war council. Because currently I belong to the first division.
Still, substantially I am in the third division being in charge of southern war front….
Leaving that aside, why the war council is in the castle courtyard.

When I was thinking about these things, suddenly it got dark overhead.
“Oh, everyone seems to have gathered.”
A relaxed, bold voice is heard from above.
In This situation there can be only one possibility. The commander of second division has returned from frontline.
The commander of Second Division is a Kyojin.

Second Division Commander, ‘Roaring Mountain’ Tibert.
Boasting the largest body among the Kyojin race, the largestgreatest soldier of the Demon army.
White beard on his bald head, and then terrifying muscles.
Majority of the Kyojins are at most a few meters, but Division Commander Tibert is some ten-odd meters. He is an unique existence even among the Kyojin race.

Though for any kind of packed three dimensional object, When the height doubles, the weight becomes eight times. Because the width and length also will become double.
Since the Division Commander is around 10 times human height, so ten times ten times ten… thousand times, is it.
How much weightforce a single blow will have, one can guess even without receiving it.
Since his head is at 6 story height, he is like a walking castle.

But this Division Commander is surprisingly kind. Smiling in a friendly manner, he sat down quietly in a corner of the courtyard.
“Everyone, Forgive me to keep you all waiting. The humans are very persistent.”
Looking closely, There are red stains everywhere on his pelt armour and club.
Division Commander Tibert is kind but only towards demons.

Division Commander Tibert detecting me, moves his face closer and closer. It’s scary even if I know he is an ally.
“You, aren’t you a Werewolf. Why are you in Ryujin Division?”
Even if he has a smiling face, it’s a staggering feeling of oppression. I answer straightening my back.
“I was transferred from the Third Division.”
“Hmm, I see, I see.”
He is nodding, but I think probably he doesn’t get the situation at all.
DIvision Commander Tibert ranks next to the Demon King-sama in valor, but he has mostly gone senile. He can’t think about difficult things.

Shortly after Demon King-sama also appeared, and the war council started without delay.
As Division Commander Tibert’s irrelevant report continued for a relatively long time, I think the set of methodical First Division Aides are quite irritated.
Since I am unrelated to the northern war front, I heard the story with comparatively more patience.

All in all he said that, the Second Division which retreated from Shuberm city, redeployed its troops before the last city Bahen, and fought with the pursuing Mirarudia Alliance army.
Although I didn’t understand all that actually happened, but I could roughly guess.
Mostly the Division Commander drove away the enemy by himself.
Because of his large build, unless they use large catapult used in castle siege wars, they can’t cause any harm to him.
But this old man, if it’s only something like catapult attack, then returning it with his club, he would dive into the enemy territory.

“Well that’s called the potential of the Second Division, isn’t it?. If we have the fighting spirit, we can win, hmm.”
The First Division’s Aides exchange glances with the Division Commander Tibert, who finished like that.
I know what you guys want to say. But don’t say it.

At that time, Demon King-sama opened his mouth.
“Hey, Tibert, what’s the situation with the armies under your control?”
The Kyojin scratching his head.
“About that … while we are battling, everyone became separated. Because currently my subordinates must be gathering their troops, I will report again.”
It’s an awful report, but as if the Demon King was used to it, nodding instructed Tibert to leave.
“I acknowledge. It must have been troublesome, rest inside the castle for a while.”
“No No, I must not. Everyone is waiting.”
Division Commander Tibert unhurriedly stood up so not to trample the Aides under his foot.
“I will return to the battlefield immediately. If I am not there, then I don’t know when they will come invading. I returned here, just to take food for my lad.”

Demon King-sama looking at him, saluted in a little cheerful manner.
“Hmm, don’t do something unreasonable. I pray for the fortunes of war.”
“Thank you, Demon King-sama”
Division Commander Tibert laughed with a friendly grin, and slowly went through the private gate, carrying three fully loaded food carts in each hand.
He doesn’t seem like a evilhateful person….

Once the Division Commander Tibert left, the actual war council of First Division genuinely commencedstarted.
First Division’s Aides are not only men of valour, but also cool headed strategists.
Regarding the northern war front, there were violent disputes during debate.
Since I am unrelated, I am doing nothing but sitting silently .
Wha, what?
“I request your opinion as the long time commander of the southern war front regarding the northern war front.”

The one who said that is leader of ‘Red Scale Order’, ‘Red Knight’ Aide Shure. It’s an hardworking armed school.
By the way, she is a woman.
She is a famous beauty among the Ryujin race.
Unfortunately, it’s not at all a good news for me.

“Northern war front, is it….”
Even if you ask my opinion… the northern war front is too much different from my way of doing things, I don’t even know where to start.
But there is just one thing I can say for sure.
“This being invaded so far, the strategy like the southern war front won’t work. It’s now impossible to win over the various human powers and incorporate them as allies.”
Then Aide Shure showed an openly dejected expression.
Oi, oi, were you expecting something?

Ryujin race are good at keeping their emotions and reasons separated while thinking, but their emotions are distant in that sense compared to the other races.
They are not a race with sparse emotions but in such situations they can be misinterpreted as a cruel race.

“I hoped with Vaito-dono’s strategy we could avoid further exhaustion, but…”
“Persuasion won’t work, on the humans whose livelihood was disrupted and many brethrens were killed, at all.”
“Is that so…”
Bartz and others are also making bitter expressions.
No, impossible.
I also want to do something, but if I could do something on this bogged down war front, then I could have been President in my previous life.

“In that case, there is nothing but decisive battle. Let’s put in war force from the First Division also. I will go.”
Aide Shure said it in a dignified tone, but Aide Bartz stopped her hurriedly.
“Y, you must not, Shure-dono. If something happens to you….”
Eh? It’s rare for Aide Bartz to be this fidgety.
I don’t know the capability of Aide Shure, but since she is a leader of one of the several orders of First Division, she should be a befitting warrior.
….ah, it’s like that.
Of course, they also have feelings that they do not want to lose their loved ones.
I thought of him as an honest straight-faced person, but Aide Bartz also shows his emotions from time to time.

After that, various opinions ranging from evacuating Second Division to attacking with the full force of First Division, raised.
I was looking at Aide Bartz while grinning, but since I don’t have forces to send to the northern war front, it can’t be helped.
In the end, it was decided to strengthen the defense of Bahen for the time being, and leave the front lines to the Second Division.

It was decided that, Aide Shure with five hundred of the Red Scale Order and three thousand infantry to go as reinforcements from First Division.
“Listen well, Shure-dono. To the last, you are only the aid during evacuation of the Second Division. So please don’t go to the frontlines.”
“I know, Bartz-dono. We should not stain the military reputation of the Second Division.”
“No, it’s not that….”
The interactions between these two, I can never get tired of it.
Good luck, Bartz-dono.