Jinba-style Wrestling
Chapter 41

Knowing I was troubled over the issue of lack of military forces, Teacher seems to have called out Mereen-senpai and Fernel.
“Oh, senpai, well if you insist. Then, I will lend my troops for a little while.”
“What are you grinning for. Is it fine for Tuban’s protection?”
“There are Skeleton soldiers… although I can’t make them move…”
“Fine, I will send a spirit technique user from the Vampires to Fer. Leave the command and control of Skeleton soldiers to them. In exchange, please lend me some Jinba soldiers.”
“Uwaa, so shrewd!”
An exchange like that happened, and the Fernel led Jinba troops reshuffled into five hundred soldiers each.
Cavalry, finally the cavalry is coming!

“This is Seychez…”
The one who came to the North gate leading five hundred Jinba soldiers was a robust young man from the Jinba race.
On his finely sculpted face, a wrinkle is deeply carved between the eyebrows.
Why is he angry?
“I am not… angry… even though my face look like this, it is however, my laughing face….”
Wishy-washily talking, Seychez is showing a displeased face.

Since I could not be sure that he really is laughing, I requested him.
“Make a serious face.”
Seychez nodded, and made a displeased face.
I don’t understand.
“Then, this time, an angry face”
Seychez nodded, and made a displeased face.
Isn’t it the same?
“It’s different… really different…”
A difficult guy to deal came…

According to what Fernel said, this guy is respected by everyone in the Jinba race. Although there were considerable differences, it seemed he’s the second strongest person after Fernel.
Oi, didn’t you omit a lot in between just now?
However, considering his accurate guess about what I was thinking, he doesn’t seem like an ordinary taciturn guy.
Be that as it may, I still don’t know how to deal with him.

Then Seychez stripped half naked, and beckoned me.
“A soldier’s… salutation. Once we fight, you will know….”
Again. Because the Jinba race is also a part of the Demon race, physical strength still determines everything.
“If you can hold me down on the ground… you win… there is no other way to decide… ”
“Seems interesting. Then let me be the opponent.”
If I back down here, the Werewolves and Jinbas will then both make light of me. This is a fight I can’t escape from.
“Hey, the Commander is going to spar with the Jinba race!”
“Call everyone!”
Hey, stop, stop.

In the end, a lot of Werewolves also gathered, and being watched by both the troops, it was decided that I and Seychez would do wrestling.
Looking at Seychez again, he has a good countenance. He definitely has an appearance of a veteran soldier.
He looks sufficiently self-confident for this scuffle. If I grapple amateurishly, it may drag on.
However, I am an Aide who reports directly to Demon King-sama.
I cannot be allowed to have a shoddy fight with the obviously low-ranked Seychez.
I must finish it in a flash.

“Come on….”
“Then here I come.”
When I transformed, I activated the magic which I already prepared.
It’s an acceleration magic that rapidly enhances the reaction speed of the brain and sensory organs. With this I can react against even the smallest movements of the opponent.
Grabbing the opportunity when he moved, I went around Seychez’s back.

Since the bottom half of the Jinba race is that of a horse, rotating quickly is not their strong suit. This is their huge blindspot.
That’s why they hate it the most if someone goes behind their back.
“…. Do not take me lightly.”
Seychez’s hind legs aimed at me, kicking with the speed of lightning. This is not the reflexive kick of a wild horse.
It’s the kick of a well trained master.

But, I was waiting for this.
With my magically enhanced kinetic vision, I can predict the trajectory of the hooves. Since the aim of the kick will be incomparably precise, predicting it is not arduous.
Going underneath it, I started sliding. The target is the front legs.
There was a positive feeling.

Remaining toppled over, Seychez was dumbfounded for a while. The werewolves praised me with loud shouts.
Placing my hand on that toppled horse-body, I asked just to be sure.
“I held down. Is this fine?”
“Umm… it’s Vaito-dono’s win…”
Nodding with a serious face, Seychez nimbly stood up. While falling down, he took proper defense precautions, so he does not seem injured in his legs or body.
From the Jinba troops also, applauses ensued, praising me and Seychez.

“Were you expecting… my kick…?”
“As a warrior who is entrusted with troops from Fernel, you would definitely not be unprepared for the weakness. I thought you would definitely kick since you don’t have any weapon.”
“But, kicking with a horse body would shift your balance towards your front legs. Therefore I aimed there.”
“I see…”

Seychez nodded many times.
“On top of acknowledging me as a first class soldier, you saw through my move after inviting my attack. As expected of the brave warrior praised by the Demon army.”
“You suddenly became eloquent.”
When I pointed it out, Seychez scratched his head embarrassingly.
“Sorry, when it comes to fighting…. I become a fast-talker…..”
Saying so, he extended his hand.
“We will…. Obey Vaito…. Please take care of us.”
“Ah, same here.”
I firmly grasped back that hand.

At that moment, Technical Officer Kurtz came out from castle gate in a hurry.
“Vaito-dono, a serious matter! Please return immediately!”
“What happened?”
Then adjusting his tone so that the humans can’t hear, Kurtz answered.
“It’s a Hero. In the northern war front, a Human Hero has appeared.”