Shadow of the Hero
Chapter 42

Sometimes among the Demon race, unique individuals praised as the ‘Brave’ are born. They protect their races with their outstanding abilities and lead them towards development.
Among them, a particularly great person takes the name of ‘Demon King’ and leads the entirety of the Demons.
The likes of Jinba race’s Fernel or Shishioni race’s Dogg are substantially of lower stature than Demon King-sama, but are still existences suitable to be called as the Brave of their respective races.
But I was reincarnated as an ordinary Werewolf, so it’s different.

On the other hand, Braves also exist among humans. Among them, the humans call the one having enough power to rival the Demon King as the ‘Hero’.
We also sometimes call our comrades as heroes, but the ‘Hero’ of the humans is an official title recognized countrywide. No matter how long one has served, no one is allowed to call oneself a ’Hero’ on their own.

“Is that so, a Hero…”
Learning about the situation, Airia murmurs with a slightly uneasy expression. She is also currently on the Demon’s side, so the Hero is the enemy.
Technical Officer Kurtz of Ryujin race, who is in attendance asked this to Airia.
“I have been wondering for quite a while now that why is the Brave with equal ranking as the Demon King not called ‘Brave King’ but ‘Hero’ instead?”
(TN: Yuusha: Brave Person, Yuuou: Brave King, Eiyuu: Brave, check the featured comment below for more info)
“Ah, let me answer”
Since Airia looked worried, I decided to answer in her stead.

“The Demons revere the strong as their King, but the Humans are different. Basically, only the ones with the King’s bloodline is able to become the King. If you don’t like that, then you don’t have a choice but to build a country yourself or steal it from others. That’s why the Hero can’t become the King.”
“Hmm, it’s a strange story.”
Technical Officer Kurtz taking notes looks puzzled.
“If it’s not a strong individual, he won’t survive a situation of crisis. Once the weak King falls, what happens then?”
“Only the descendant of the King will become the next King.”
“What is the point in that?”
Since I was born in democracy, I don’t know about that.

Then Airia raised her head, and continued like this.
“Royals and Nobles learn the knowledge and technique required to rule the populace. If one is only arrogantly incompetent, then no one would follow along. That kind of country would fall eventually.”
As expected of the leader of a city-state, there is no hesitation in the explanation.

“Also, the Hero not being the leader of the country, has a particular advantage.”
“Why is that?”
“The Hero can invade the enemy camps and couldn’t care less for the dangers upon himself. Even if he is defeated, the King can still lead the populace.”
“I see… so it’s a very easy to understand explanation.”
To see Human Airia and Ryujin Kurtz engaged in such an exchange, is quite amusing.

Oh, it isn’t the time to be amused.
The opponent is the Hero, in other words Human version of the Demon king.
Naturally, we, the ordinary demons don’t stand a chance.
Once in a while, a person with insufficient ability or bad luck gets killed by low ranked demons, and is treated as the ‘Tragic Brave’, but in reality they have almost no chance of winning.

According to the report brought by Technical Officer Kurtz, the Hero is currently somewhere in the Northern war front.
The Second Division has continued to scatter due to the prolonging war, the isolated troops are continuing to self-sufficiently resist, with guerilla warfare in various places.
Changing the perspective, after being lost, they are ruined like thieves, subjugated by the Hero one after another.

Because the isolated troops can’t successfully receive communications, it seems it took quite a long time for the Demon army to notice the Hero. Since Demons were completely annihilated.
Thanks to that the important information, like the abilities or the appearance of the Hero, could not be obtained at all.
I was more and more disinclined towards participating in the Northern war front, but there is one thing I can’t turn blind eye to.
The final target of the Hero is to subjugate the Demon King.
Like I’ll ever let this happen.

“I want to collect all the information regarding the Hero, is there any way?”
When I asked, Airia raised her head after thinking for a bit.
“Even the Hero is made out of Human flesh and blood, it’s not like the Hero is always sleeping outdoors away from the town. There should be a base somewhere. It would be a temporary one of course.”
This reminds me, even in the RPGs in my previous life, the Hero who was aiming for the Demon King was also moving from place to place.
“How about sending spies to the Northern war front. If it is a town where the Hero is staying, news would surely spread around. This is because neither beasts nor thieves can carelessly approach.”
That’s also right. Since the Hero is the righteous hero.

“In that case, I am thinking of sending the Werewolf troops, but I am afraid that their identity would be revealed by magic. I feel worried about long distance reconnaissance. Besides, I want to preserve the precious war potential.”
“Then, please leave it to me.”
Airia smiled sweetly.
“Ryun Height is a town of traders. Let me request the local traders from my side.”
“Is that fine, really?”
I am not doubting the citizens of Ryun Height, but there’s the anxiety and the guilt about making them spy on the Hero.

But Airia was laughing.
“It’s fine. Alternatively, I will request for the permission for them to sell the goods they bring from the other side as they please.”
“I see, so this is also a good business opportunity for them.”
They can go to the North directly, their travel expenses would also be provided, and on top of that it is a chance for them to earn a great profit. I admire their commercial spirit.

“I understand, let’s proceed with those conditions. I will also grant the expenses. If it’s fine, take the silverworks produced by our Inujin troops with them. I will keep it cheap.”
“Yes, everyone will be happy.”
To the derailed Airia and me, Technical Officer Kurtz silently mutters.
“Vaito-dono also gradually becoming influenced.”
“… that’s right.”
The commerce in this world is interesting, therefore it can’t be helped.
It’d be good if the dream that ‘the circulation of money and goods is undeveloped’ is true.
Once it becomes peaceful, partnering with Demon King-sama, I will start some business.

But before that, it seems a little bit of bloody business is absolutely necessary.